We accept the breakfast we think we deserve, and I think we deserve the best.

So here ya go….

1. Chaps Coffee Co (4237 Cheney Spokane Rd 99224 // 509.624.4182)

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Spokane, Washington

Chaps is a “brunchers” paradise. They have a massive, outdoor front-patio with a vintage truck full of pretty blooms. For the main course, we tried three different dishes to really get a feel for the Chaps menu and to make sure we tasted the sweet, the savory, and the salmon. I have a thing for salmon breakfast dishes. Sue me. I’d recommend the salmon and asparagus dish, eggs Benedict, and blueberry french toast. (In that order) And be sure to try their maple scone for dessert.

The décor, ambiance, staff, and food are all 5 STAR! The owner really loves this place and her passion and drive shows in the food creations, baked goods, and interior design. There is literally a vintage truck with flowers flooding the bed parked in the middle of the front, outdoor patio. If that isn’t screaming rustic, farm chick, I don’t know what is. So, like I said… get in the car and GO. You’ll be glad you did.

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2. Yards Bruncheon (1248 W Summit Pkwy. Spokane, WA // 509.290.5952)

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Spokane, Washington

When I have company visiting from out of town, I always take them here for our first breakfast together. A first impression is a lasting impression, right?! Their Irish Benedict with Pastrami keeps me coming back again and again. I don’t know how they make their hollandaise but all other restaurants should take note. It’s light and soft and sour and… they’ve raised the bar. The pancakes are also fantastic. They’re thin with a little crunch on the edges.
If you haven’t walked/run/biked on the Centennial Trail, I like to bribe myself with this brunch. I start the trail at Kendall yards and do a loop headed east to the Monroe bridge, past division, pass Gonzaga and turn by the river point campus, head through riverfront park, and end back at Kendall yards for brunch. It’s a solid 10,000 steps and leaves you zero guilt as you indulge in this breakfast.

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3. Cottage Cafe (6902 E Appleway Blvd, Spokane Valley, WA // 509.928.8888)

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Spokane, Washington

WOW these cottage fries were ?. I love their BTA (Bacon, Tomato, Avocado) Omelet & French Toast Special. They are open from 7am-2pm. You can find them located in the cutest little cottage in the Valley. Be prepared to wait for 20-30 minutes on a weekend.. But be patient because it’s worth it!

4. Wellness Tree Health Center & Juice Bar (1025 South Perry St. Spokane, WA //509.598.8558)

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Spokane, Washington

The Wellness Tree is a breath of fresh air. Located on Perry Street, they specialize in fresh pressed juice, juice cleanses, and acai bowls. Their space is so bright with their open windows and fresh succulents covering the wall! Their acai bowls are delicious and healthy and so many wholesome ingredients go into each of their juices.

These Acai bowls are the best in town. They aren’t full of unnatural fillers and extra sugar, but all natural ingredients and natural sugars. I tried the Berry Acai Bowl with blended Acai, berries, banana, hemp milk, topped with granola, strawberries, gogi berries, bee pollen, and honey. If you have never had an Acai bowl, you don’t know what you’re missing… see for yourself at the beautiful Wellness Tree.

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5. The Mason Jar (101 F St, Cheney, WA // 509.359.8052)

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Spokane, Washington

The Mason Jar focuses on sustainable, seasonal and local. In addition, they are passionate about education. They hold various forums and events to help teach local about food ethics, economic policy, etc.

“The Classic”. HOLY WOW. No wonder this is their most popular breakfast dish. The biscuit was so fresh and flaky, the eggs, bacon, sausage, and cheddar were equally distributed and smothered in their homemade garlic aioli, which literally blew our minds. You guys, this garlic aioli was life changing. I must have the recipe and I must put it on everything I eat from this point forward. I went to take the first bite by picking it up and taking a bite… yeah, this biscuit is meant to be eaten with a fork. It is stuffed full, juicy, and the biscuit falls apart, which i’m not complaining about.

The Mason Jar serves breakfast on weekends until 3pm and on weekdays until 11. They have open mic night every Thursday and great lunch dishes.

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6. The Garnet Cafe (315 E Walnut Ave, Coeur d’Alene, ID //208.667.2729)

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Spokane, Washington

CDA: The Garnet Cafe is a true farm-to-table experience. The owners also operate McLane Farms, located just a few miles away in Cougar Gulch. McLane Farms provides The Garnet Café with many of their meats and vegetables. They don’t use pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics so you can be sure you are eating fresh, organic ingredients. This is the Sandpoint Omelet- McLane Farms Bacon, sausage and ham, sauteed onions and cheddar. Topped with smoked pork link sausage served with northwest potatoes and toast. The wheat toast with their fresh lemon curd was one of my favorite parts!

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7. Franks Diner (1516 W 2nd Ave, Spokane, WA // 509.747.8798)

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Spokane, Washington

Bacon…. For a second there, all my problems went away. ? Purple Oatmeal- Snoqualmie Falls oatmeal with Priest Lake huckleberries. You can’t go wrong at Franks. 

If you’re willing to brave the early morning crowd.. I promise you won’t be disappointed at Frank’s. They’ve been doing their thing for 80 years. There’s something to be said for that. They have great omelets, french toast, and hash browns.

8. The Scoop (1001 W 25th Ave // 509.535.7171)

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Spokane, Washington

“Uniquely different and all natural, their liege waffles contain pearl sugar within yeast- raised dough. Delightfully sweet and slightly crunchy, they are great just off the iron or with their tasty toppings. Originally created in Belgium for a Prince… The Scoop has them right here for you in Spokane!”

I love their Berries & Biscoff Flavor. Cookie butter is God-sent. It’s made with Berries, Biscoff cookie butter & whipped cream. They can also make you a variety of waffle sandwiches. I tried their new waffle sandwich flavor complete with ham, cheese, cream cheese, jalapeños, and topped with powdered sugar. It was an explosion of flavors and really unique.

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9. Dolly’s Cafe (1825 N Washington St, Spokane, WA // 509.326.0386)

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Spokane, Washington

Super cool staff and super quick service. What more could you ask for? Oh… good food? it’s what you would expect from a small diner, and more. My omelet was packed and huge and the french toast is a great portion drenched in butter. This is what I think of when I think of breakfast dining, old school style.

10. Brain Freeze Creamery (1238 W Summit Pkwy // 509.321.7569)

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Spokane, Washington

This is a waffle cone full of scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, peppers, and lots and lots of cheese. It’s a genius idea. How is this not available at all ice cream shops!? We ordered the “everything breakfast” which pretty much included everything you can get in a scrambled egg. Lots of cheese, peppers, bacon, more cheese, yeah… SO GOOD. It was sweet and savory at its finest. Any meal that I don’t HAVE to use silverware is a win in my book. Why didn’t I think of that?! Sweet & Savory. You’re welcome. 

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What do you think of my list?

Comment your favorite place or dish below.

Keep eating, Spokane. And, remember to tell them we sent you!




  1. Love those! We also totally love Central Food, Madeleine’s and if you’re ever in Sandpoint be sure to get the breakfast burritos at Joel’s! They are our “can’t miss” on the way up to Schweitzer!

  2. Sante’ is good, too. And Down River Grill has great breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday. And have never been disappoibted at Clover. Their almond croissants are the best!!

  3. No one would eat at dolly’s if they knew what happens behind the scenes there. P.s. NOTHING is home made, NOTHING. Also, warning to all current employees: you will be thrown under the bus like many, many before you if/when you end your employment with them. Good luck. You won’t see me there.

  4. You totally missed Jenny’s Cafe out on Sprague in the Spokane Valley. All you can eat Hashbrowns, Chicken Fried Steak that is made as its ordered, homemade crepes, waffles, a great breakfast all around!!!!!

    1. We can’t imagine the Skyway making this list – our server brought us food that was burned to the point of being inedible and never came back. We learned that hashbrowns can be slimy and burned at the same time.

      1. We’ve eaten at the Skyway numerous times and it was always delicious. The servings are huge; I always bring leftovers home. They are VERY busy, though. Maybe you had a new cook? I’d try it again.

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