1. All these places look great!!! Now I am starving and it is only 5:30am here in Dallas… I hope to try some of these when I am in Spokane next month. Thanks Chandler!

  2. I love a lot of places you mentioned and some I have never tried and I grew up in Spokane! You have to try (if you haven’t already) Luna’s, Casper Fry (go there for brunch), Fire pizza, pho van, rancho Chico, sweet frostings (cupcakes), downriver grill…..

  3. Fantastic for breakfast is THe Yards in Kendall Yards – old favorites, yet innovative, fresh & delish!
    Methods cafe – located downtown, but 2nd location opening on north end on 18th or 20th – clean eating at its best!
    In the mood for Mexican? – Tecates on Wellesley – my New Mexican favorite!

  4. For real, you ought to try Molly’s, downtown, I think it’s on Monroe? It’s got a big green pointy roof. Also, head to Cheney and try Zentropa. Holy heck, both are so so soooo yummy! They make me miss Spokane so bad!

  5. You should try the Bulldog Pub on Gonzaga’s campus. Open to the public. They have 3 Chef’s that actually create amazing dishes, all the while being priced for a students budget!!!! Love it!

  6. I would definitely recommend The Onion (local business with to-die-for burgers), Cottage Cafe has the best breakfast in town (anticipate at least 15 minute wait time), and Thursday Globe is one of the best places for dinner. For good pizza, check out Fire or the Flying Goat.

  7. Excellent list! So many favorites here and some inspiration too. I second Sweet Frostings and Casper Fry (my neighborhood!). I’d add Chaps for brunch and Brain Freeze for ice cream.

  8. Another great choice is Ruins, which is on Monroe by the Courthouse. They offer small plates and a rotating menu, based on fresh, local ingedients, as well as craft cocktails made with fresh-squeezed juices.

  9. The best thai in town in the “thai kitchen ” on Pines and 8th in Spokane Valley. Family owned and operated, mom cooks, dad runs register, and daughters waitstaff. I’ve been to Thailand and this is the most authentic thai food outside of the country. Absolutely amazing, they get fresh produce daily so all the veggies are crisp and use only local nw grown food. I always get the cashew chicken stirfry, i dream of it and wake up drooling lol. Also have to throw in “vina” on maple and nw blvd. For pho “vina” is by far the best little hole in the wall in town, the calamari there is the best you will find anywhere.

  10. I was slightly disappointed Chaps didn’t make the list. I am a Spokane native, and Chaps has the best oatmeal in the world. Try it if you haven’t.

  11. Great list but I have a couple of places that need to be on this list. Petit Chat on the north side is the most amazing breakfast bakery in Spokane and for Italian, Ferrante’s Market Place Cafe for chicken Parmesan, veno and gelato is hands down incredible!!

  12. While in Brown’s Edition you mentioned The Elk, which I feel is ok. You missed the best place right across the street from the Elk, called Italia Trattoria. Wow! It’s not your typical Italian restaurant, but more Mediteranian Italian. Chef Anna hasn’t met a fish she couldn’t cook that literally melts in your mouth with an explosion of flavors that delights every bite. Every thing on the menu is a treat. Sunday brunch is not to be missed either. You have to try it!

  13. Some of my favorite spots in town also. I love pho at Vien Dong, artisan pizza at the Flying Goat, sushi at Ginger Asian Bistro, breakfast at Chaps, curry at Linnie’s and coffee at Indaba. You’re right , life is too short for mediocre food. Food doesn’t have to be expensive to be tasty 🙂

  14. Have you eaten at the Melting Pot? It’s definitely pricey, but SO worth it! And Twigs is another one of our favourites. We visit Spokane often and have only been to 3 of the places on your list so I am VERY excited to try some of the others next trip:-) Thanks for sharing!!

  15. You have to try downriver grill! Their gorgonzola fries are to die for along with all the other food! We lived there a long time that was one of our favorites!

  16. My dear….how can you omit Hill’s on Main & Washington??? The chef is the brother of the owner, and has been trained all over the world…makes ALL the sauces…they cook their own bread…grow many of their own vegetables..people ask me “What’s good?”…I just tell them to pick something…a rare item on their menu I have not thoroughly enjoyed…wife works at the Marriott, and has referred hundreds of clients their who always come back with a great experience!

  17. Maggie’s and Hogan’s on the South Hill are good places for breakfast (We found them when the wait was just too long at Frank’s). Arturo’s Mexican food in Cheney and Sala Thai in Airway Heights are also good places to try 🙂

  18. You have given me ideas of places to try. Need to know if you tried the pulled pork hoagies and onion tangles at Dickey’s boba pit on north Division?

  19. Great list! Some places I haven’t heard of but will definitely try. A new place downtown, Garageland, is making really great comfort food. Worth a try!

  20. Just pulled into town and intenet searched where to eat. Found your site and hit Central food. Great Korean pork sandwich, Thai salad and bibimbap. Thanks for the direction!

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