Cochinito Taqueria is fast casual, high quality dining right in the heart of downtown Spokane. Cochinito means little piggy and was inspired by Chef Travis Dickinson’s love for pork. You might recognize his name as he was formerly the chef at Clover.

Dickinson’s wife is from Mexico and he is passionate about the food and culture. At Cochinito Taqueria, they focus on serving quality ingredients, homemade tortillas, and utilizing fresh spices, all in an affordable, approachable environment.

Cochinito Taqueria Spokane Cochinito Taqueria SpokaneCochinito Taqueria Spokane

During our visit, we ordered a couple different tacos and the ceviche. My favorite taco was the fish and Dan’s favorite was the Carne Asada. The first thing you’ll notice after getting your food at Cochinito Taqueria is the presentation. The plating is gorgeous and they go the extra mile to ensure the food looks as good as it tastes (and it does). The second thing you’ll notice is the quality. These aren’t your average street tacos. The corn tortillas are fresh and homemade and there is so much complexity to each taco. Finally, you’ll taste them and realize what all the hype is about. These tacos are freaking bomb and I know one thing for sure, i’ll be back soon!

In addition to the delicious food, the ambiance is perfection. They hired local artist, Jeremy Vermilion, to paint a gorgeous mural on the east wall and they added little bits dedicated to Travis and Justin. Justin is the business manager at Cochinito and if you’ve eaten there, you’ve probably seen him out on the floor working round-the-clock to make sure the restaurant is a success. Travis’s wife is due with their first child any day now and they are naming her Paloma. You can find a portion of the wall dedicated to her as well as a portion dedicated to Justin’s son’s business idea, Tortuga Taco’s taco stand!

Cochinito Taqueria Spokane

Cochinito Taqueria SpokaneCochinito Taqueria Spokane

Cochinito Taqueria (10 N Post St Spokane, Washington // 509.474.9618)


  1. […] Chef Travis Dickinson grew up in Post Falls, Idaho. He started his career in the restaurant world at the ripe age of 15 when he worked as a dishwasher at Coeur d’Alene Resort. He says he worked there because he “needed job to pay for skateboards and shoes”. After that, he helped open Hot Rod Cafe in Post Falls. After he graduated from high school, he though he was going to become a Physical Therapist. Plans changed and he ended up moving to Portland to attend Culinary School (and skateboard). He graduated from Western Culinary Institute and got a job at Hall Street Grill in Beaverton, Oregon. He worked there on and off for 12 years when he left to help open “Genoa” in Portland. He ended up returning to Hall Street Grill to work as the Executive Chef until he met his wife and decided to move closer to home. They moved to Spokane in 2014 and he worked as the Executive Chef at Clover for about three years. He always knew that his ultimate goal was to open somewhere like Cochinito Taqueria. […]

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