Clinkerdagger is one of the nicest places you can eat in Spokane. It is romantic, fine-dining, with a view. The ultimate trio. Clinkerdagger is dark and intimate on the inside, making it perfect for your special occasion, romantic dinner, or you can have a more casual lunch dining outside on the rivers edge. In fact, I’m not […]

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Queen of Sheba is about so much more than food. It’s an experience you’ll never forget. You use the sponge-like bread (injera) as silverware by pinching meat and veggies with the injera. SO MUCH FUN! The food is full of flavor but not too crazy for American taste buds. Expect some spice but don’t let […]

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Spokane’s best kept secret: Milford’s Fish House. I purposely left out some of my very VERY favorites from my “best restaurants” list because they hold such a special place in my heart. I didn’t feel it did them justice to add them to a list. They deserve their own post. Milford’s Fish House is one of those places. We […]

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