6 Reasons You Should Choose Findlay Lexus of Spokane When Car Shopping

I’ve always been a hand-me-down car girl. In high school it was an oldddd, manual Jeep Wrangler with holes in the soft top and windows but I freaking loved that car! I put hot pink neoprene seat covers on it and my friends and I would cruise around with the top off all Summer long.

Then once Dan and I got married, we shared his Toyota Camry for 5 or so years while we commuted to school/work.

A few years ago my mom handed me down her 2011 Ford Escape and I thought I’d made it in life!

Fast forward to now with a 2 year old and a baby on the way, I really felt like I needed something a lot safer, with a bit more room. Oh and preferably 4-wheel drive, a back up camera, oh and functional a/c and radio . It’s the simple things, right?

I searched and searched for the last 6 months and eventually met the team at Findlay Lexus of Spokane. After my first meeting with the General Manager, I knew this was it. Their love, support, and heart for our community is unparalleled. They are involved with countless charities and they’re always looking for new ways give back. Not to mention their cars are BEAUTIFUL, comfortable, safe, and perfect for this season of life. I’m proud to be their new ambassador! I’ve had the opportunity to drive a few of their cars over the last month-ish and here are my favorite features:

1. Comfort. Comfort. Comfort.

I’ve test driven a lot of luxury cars and the Lexus is definitely the most comfortable! I’ve noticed that I spend a little extra time sitting in the driveway every evening when I get home. I’ve even been guilty of taking a power nap in the front seat!

We road-tripped to Walla Walla and it felt like a breeze. No dead legs or aching lower back. Just pure luxury comfort!

2. Safety

“The Lexus Safety System+ includes a Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection. This unique feature will help your Lexus detect a pedestrian, vehicle or other obstacles in its path. If your vehicle detects a frontal collision is possible, it’s designed to use Brake Assist to apply pressure to the brakes for you.”

Lane Assist and auto steering have been a game changer for my driving skills. No more accidental swerving. No more stepping on and off the breaks while in cruise control. No more triple checking for cars in the blind spot. Let’s just say, I’m not the best driver but when I’m driving a Lexus I’d sure have you fooled.

3. The Finlay Lexus of Spokane Family

Their heart for our community. The team at Findlay Lexus of Spokane is constantly looking for new ways to serve our community, volunteer around town, or donate to support various causes.

In addition to being charitable, the team is incredibly helpful, patient, and fun! I know little to nothing about cars and their customer service is top tier. They are always so nice to answer any and all of my questions, walk me through the process, teach me how to use all of the Lexus features, all while creating a fun atmosphere.

I know when I walk in their doors, I’m going to leave with a smile!

4. Birds-eye-view camera

I now parallel park like a champ, thanks to Findlay Lexus of Spokane. No more embarrassing stare-downs as I try to parallel park on the streets downtown! They make it so simple and trust me, if I can do it, you can do it! In addition to a rear & front view camera, the Lexus also has a bird’s eye view camera! You can see exactly how your car fits in the space and get a perfect park job every time.

In addition to upping your parking game, the cameras are so crisp and clear so you can always rely on them when backing up or getting close to objects in front of the vehicle.

5. Two words: Seat coolers

Every pregnant lady’s dream! It’s getting hotter each day and these seat coolers are a game changer! I constantly have them running so instead of just getting A/C blown at your face and feet, you can get it blown on your seat and back. Gone are the days of having sweaty sticky legs on your leather seats.

6. Touchpad & Touchscreen Controls

First of all, the touchscreen is huge and makes navigating around town (and beyond) super easy. I also love the split screen feature so I can change the song and still follow along with my navigation. The touchpad makes controlling the music, navigation, etc. super easy while keeping your eyes on the road and it gives a fun throwback to the old blackberry device days.

You know what they say “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a Lexus and that’s pretty much the same thing!”. Ok so maybe they don’t say that, but I now do! I’ve been so happy with the products and service at Findlay Lexus of Spokane and I’d highly recommend them if you’re searching for a new or used car.