Arctos Coffee & Roasting Co. is the newest, hottest coffee hangout in Spokane. The word Arctos comes from the scientific name for brown bear, ursus arctos. The owner, Jason, is very outdoorsy and did a week-long grizzly bear study at Glacier National Park. His fascination with the animal and their impressive power became the inspiration for his newest coffee shop near Gonzaga University, Arctos Coffee & Roasting Co.

Formerly home to an automotive garage, Jason and his dad completely renovated the space replacing the cars with roasting in one room and a café in the other.

Coffee Shop SpokaneCoffee Shop Spokane Coffee Shop Spokane

They opened their doors in March 2018 after the renovation and turned it into a local hangout perfect for studying, meeting with friends, or just grabbing a drink and settling in with a book. Jason works full time as a school teacher, but he always loved coffee and wanted to own a business, so this is the perfect fit for him. He has also owned Grind Central Espresso coffee stand for the last five years, but he really wanted a space where he could roast his own coffee.

Another big motivation for opening a business in Spokane? Jason wanted a place where his three daughters could work during high school. Before opening Grind Central Espresso, Jason had no previous barista experience. “It was a leap of faith,” he said. On his first day, while driving to Grind Central Espresso at 5 am, he was thinking “what have I done?” Five years later, he decided he loved it so much he would open another coffee shop. Enter Artcos.

Coffee Shop Spokane

Not only is Arctos Coffee & Roasting Co home to classic blends, an impressive tea collection, and an amazing chai latte, they also roast their own coffee blend! Jason was a science minor and teaches many subjects, one of his favorites being science. Roasting coffee and coffee extraction is all about science, so he loves perfecting the recipe and teaching others. If you stop by when he happens to be roasting, you can get up close and personal and ask questions- he loves talking to people about the process and what it takes to make amazing coffee.

My favorite feature of this space are the roll-up doors! They plan to keep them open when the weather is nice and you can definitely find me hanging out here all Summer. When designing Arctos, Jason wanted to create a space that felt like an escape from Spokane and he did a fantastic job!

Coffee Shop Spokane

We tried the Turmeric Spice Chai (my favorite and I will be coming back for this often), Kali Sipping Chocolate, and some of the specialty organic tea from Somage Fine Foods. Another popular item that I can’t wait to try is their 9-spice honey chai.

The Sipping Chocolates are extremely rich and, like the name implies, they are meant to be sipped. It’s a real treat if you like bitter chocolate. They offer it in two varieties, 33% and 60%, the latter being stronger. It’s made with half and half and sprinkled with chocolate flakes.

If you’re hungry, try one of their fresh pastries from Common Crumb Bakery or go for their specialty “Hammy” bagel sandwich.

Coffee Shop Spokane

Coffee Shop Spokane

Check them out:

Monday – Friday 6am – 7pm

Saturday 6am – 6pm

Sunday 7am – 6pm

(hours subject to change)

After visiting Artcos Coffee & Roasting Co, I realized that my “Best Coffee in Spokane” post is outdated. Be on the lookout for an update coming soon!

Arctos Coffee & Roasting Co. (1923 N Hamilton St, Spokane, WA // 509.863.5908)

*This post was sponsored by Arctos Coffee & Roasting Co*