I love a good sandwich. To me, a good sandwich consists of fresh ingredients, thoughtful preparation, generous fillings, and cheese… always cheese. I have put together a list of some of my favorite sandwich stops. Check it out and let me know what you think!


(703 W Sprague Ave, Spokane, WA // 509.747.2324)

domini sandwich

Now that’s what I call a sandwich! Choose your bread, choose your meat, choose your cheese, choose your spread, and add a pickle on the side. (Trust me) There is something about the simplicity of this sandwich that keeps me coming back again and again! The meat and bread are so fresh and the staff really cares about their food. They are friendly & they throw in some freshly popped popcorn with your sandwich. Read More: Domini

Petit Chat Bakery

(9910 N Waikiki Rd, Spokane, WA // 509-468-2720)

petit chat bakery

I can’t find the words to describe this bakery. It’s my new favorite on the North Side. I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving year-round with this sandwich! Roasted turkey, swiss, cream cheese, tomato, spinach, pickles, onion, and cranberry sauce. It’s sweet, salty, savory, and best if you stuff the chips under your bread. You’ve been warned. Read More: Petit Chat.

Meltz Extreme Grilled Cheese

(1735 W Kathleen Ave, Coeur d’Alene, ID //208. 664.1717)


CDA: If you are a cheese lover… and I mean LOVER… then you will love Meltz. They don’t offer any shortage of cheese. They grill their sandwiches so the edges are crispy and the center is gooey. You can get a basic grilled cheese or try one of their specialty concoctions with loads of meat,  veggies, etc. I love their Simpleton and Border Patrol, but I can’t wait to try some more of their concoctions including their mac & cheese soup! See more: Meltz

Garland Sandwich Shoppe

(3903 N Madison St, Spokane, WA // 509.326.2405)

garland sand 2

Thanks for doing you, Garland. Best panini I’ve had in Spokane. Open 10-3 Mon-Fri. You can eat there, call ahead, or have it delivered! I usually create-my-own but they have their own specialties too. Cheap sandwiches and quick service. Great to pick up to-go and take back to work. This place is top notch in all categories.

Stella’s Cafe

(917 W Broadway Ave, Spokane, WA 99201 // 509.326.6475)

stellas- sandwich

How cool is this cafe? I feel like I become instantly more hipster when I step inside. This was Dan’s favorite sandwich of all. Pulled pork with crunchy coleslaw on top. He couldn’t stop talking about the meat flavor and quality, and that guy knows his meat. Stella’s is dimly lit, with an open front, and great healthy/vegan options.

Kalico Kitchen

(2931 N Division St, Spokane, WA // 509.326.7144)

kaliko sandwich

They serve my favorite California Club Sandwich. It is huge and the ingredients taste fresh. They even cut it into cute little manageable triangles. Why do sandwiches always taste better when they are triangular? This was big enough to feed both of us. They also serve fresh squeezed OJ but prices change seasonally so beware or you might end up paying $4 for a tiny cup.

Little Garden Cafe

(2901 W Northwest Blvd, Spokane, WA // 509.328.5500)

little garden bagel sand

Is a bagel sandwich really a sandwich? When it tastes like this… yes. Little Garden Cafe is a charming cafe located right across from Audubon Park. It is perfect for a relaxing weekend brunch or a warm cup of coffee. They have indoor and outdoor seating and a kids corner with toys and books to keep your kids entertained while you eat lunch. This is the turkey & egg on cheese bagel with the works. Always add “the works”.

The Elk

(1931 W Pacific Ave, Spokane, WA 99201 // 509.363.1973)

elk- reuben

The Elk in Browne’s Edition makes my favorite Reuben in Spokane. It is traditional with thinly sliced corned beef, melted Swiss cheese, fresh sauerkraut, and creamy Russian dressing, on grilled Rye bread. The Elk has something for everyone, but the Reuben will keep you coming back for more and more. I do not recommend sitting on patio because you will be attacked by Yellow-jackets. Apparently they are big fans of this Reuben Sandwich too.

High Nooner

(237 W Riverside Ave Spokane, WA // 509.838.5288)

high nooner sand.JPG

With this sandwich, it was love at first bite. I always order the club nooner- add sprouts! It is HUGE, fresh, and the staff is really quick and happy. They have locations downtown, on the north side, and in the valley. My only hesitation with this sandwich is the size isn’t consistent. Last time I ordered it, the sandwich was about half the size and it didn’t have the extra layer of bread in the middle. Not sure if they changed it or someone was new in the kitchen, but when they make it like pictured, it’s a winner!

Brooklyn Deli

(1001 W 1st Ave, Spokane, WA 99201 // 509.835.4177)

brooklyn sandwich

This tuna sandwich from Brooklyn Deli is not your typical tuna fish sandwich, and that’s what makes it so great! Their tuna has a really unique flavor. It is blended with celery, green onions, mayo & herbs. You can customize your sandwich however you want or build your own. This is a great sub joint downtown.

Maple Street Bistro

(5520 N Maple St, Spokane, WA // 509.443.3129)

maple street bistro

I was pleasantly surprised by Maple Street Bistro. My favorite sandwich here is the turkeyoncini. It is simple and delicious. They also have a great variety of breakfast sandwiches for a good price. Maple Street Bistro is a great place to meet up for breakfast or lunch, it’s light and bright and they have patio seating out front. Also order their lemon bar for dessert, you won’t regret it! More: Maple Street Bistro

Smacky’s on Broadway

(6415 E Broadway Ave, Spokane, WA //  509.535.4230)

Photo from Facebook: Smacky’s on Broadway

Smacky’s is located right off the highway on Broadway. It’s a popular spot for truckers driving through the area, but I make the trek out to the valley just for these glorious sandwiches. They are generous with their portions and prices are fair. This is one of the few places that can get me out to the valley.