Pie like you very much and that is why it is my duty, my obligation, and truly my pleasure to introduce you to Birdie’s Pie Shop.

2020 has been a strange year but it’s actually the year we were blessed with Birdie’s Pie Shop so that’s the one redeeming factor! When I say blessed, I mean BLESSED! These pies are truly straight from the heavens. At this point, I’m pretty sure i’ve tried every flavor and each one is better than the last.

If I absolutely HAD to choose a favorite, I’d have to go with their triple berry pie. It’s the perfect blend of sweet, citrus, and tart.

Like I said, 2020 isn’t ALL bad because this year Birdie’s Pie Shop is majorly elevating our Thanksgiving celebrations! I pinky promise, cross my heart hope to die, this will be the best food decision you make this holiday season. Thanksgiving pre-orders end in ONE WEEK (on 11/21) so get on it before it’s too late! And trust me, you’re going to want more than one. Another favorite of ours is the apple crisp. I swear there are 75 apples stuffed into one pie. Oh, and obviously you need a pumpkin cream.

I’ll let the pies speak for themself now. Visit their site at to place your pre-order and WOW your Thanksgiving guests.

Use our code ‘Spokaneeats’ for 10% off your online order!

Have we mentioned, we think you are a cutie PIE?!

Birdies Pie Shop //  1003 N Spokane St, Post Falls, ID  (208) 457-7004