If we missed some, PLEASE comment and share so we can keep editing our list.

Chicken N Mo // 414 1/2 W Sprague Ave

“Bob Hemphill has brought the taste of Texas to Spokane, Washington. Listed in the Best Of The Northwest, Chicken-N-More is recognized as a down home place that serves up the best fried chicken, moist and meaty pork spare ribs and farm-raised catfish from Alabama.”

27 years of perfecting Fried Chicken in Spokane… and counting!! Chicken-N-Mo is an institution. Be prepared to eat with your hands and get greasy/ messy, just as fried chicken is meant to be eaten. They’re also known for their fried catfish, ribs, and jojos!

Queen of Sheba // 621 W Mallon Ave Suite 426

When you feel like you’ve tried it all and you’re looking for an authentic culinary experience… this is our go-to! Queen of Sheba (located inside the Flour Mill). We love to order the three meat plate for two, which comes with two beef dishes, one chicken, and two sides of potatoes and carrots. You eat the entire meal with your hands, using their injera bread to pinch the entrees. Oh, and they have mancala on each table to keep you entertained.

Luna – Chef Joe Morris

While Luna is not Black-owned, we wanted to include them in our list because we love Chef Joe and want to take any opportunity to support him. Here is some more information on a featured article we shared about him a while back: Luna head chef, Joe Morris is as real as a person gets. He believes that “if you live it and you want to do it, go get it. There is no dream that is not achievable.” He started his career as a busser but couldn’t stand having to “act”, he wan’t to be himself and he doesn’t know it any other way. He said he would hate for his mom or dad or uncle to come into his restaurant and see him interacting with people and think “that’s not the Joe I knew”. After knowing Joe for a short while, I have come to know him as one of the most real, genuine people out there. When you meet Joe, you meet the goofy, lighthearted, energetic, hilarious Joe that he is at home and at work. His zest for life is contagious. Read more…

Spokane Cheesecakes // 1420 E Sprague Ave

“It’s like falling in love for the first time”, says Spokane Cheesecakes owner, Thomas, after I take my first bite and he sees the pleasant look in my eyes. Spokane Cheesecakes is the only place in town that sells solely cheesecakes. You could say they have perfected their craft. They cook their cheesecakes long and slow, a European method. Cooking cheesecake for a long time is not typical, but necessary in order to achieve their perfect consistency. The owner of Spokane Cheesecakes created this bakery because he couldn’t find a cheesecake in town that he liked. They were all too sweet for his palette and left him wanting water or coffee to help wash it down. The cheesecakes at Spokane Cheesecake are rich and moist but there is some type of magic sorcery behind their recipe because they don’t leave you thirsty. I sampled each and every flavor before he mentioned this water fact and I was stunned that I never once thought about being thirsty.

Ezells Famous Chicken // 4919 S Regal St

Ezell’s Famous Chicken is HUGELY popular in Seattle and they have 13 stores on the West Side and a couple food trucks.

Even Oprah loves Ezell’s! Oprah’s product endorsements are about as good as they get. Oprah was visiting Seattle and asked around for where she could find the best fried chicken and people told her Ezell’s. She had it delivered to her hotel room and the rest is history. She ordered it again the next day and raved to all her fans about their famous fried chicken. She loved it so much, she had it flown all the way across the world to Geneva, Switzerland when she was traveling.

Not only does Oprah love her Ezell’s Famous Chicken, so do the Seahawks! The team gets Ezell’s catered at various events and often chooses it as their pre-game meal.

At Ezells, they have a unique method to their fried chicken and they have truly mastered their techniques. The chicken is de-fatted before it is fried, then soaked in cold water, which seals in the juices before it is cooked. This cooking method allows you to taste the juices of the chicken, not the grease. It’s true. You eat this chicken with your hands but mine never got greasy, yet the chicken was moist and flavorful. They say their chickens are “power lifters” because they are a lot more meaty than your average piece of fried chicken. They call it diamond cut, which means that they include some extra breast meat and overall bigger chickens than their competitors.

Another awesome Black Chef in town? Chef Avont from NoLi Brewhouse

Booey’s Gourmet Original Pepper Sauce

This sauce is amazing! We are huge fans. Here’s a recent message from the owner, Casey Booey. “For those interested, we are still shipping sauce. For those who aren’t familiar with us we are currently offering 4 Pepper Sauces and 1 Rub/Seasoning Salt. First off is my Buffalo Style very versatile “Original Pepper Sauce”, My “Sweet Jamaican Jerk”, my take on a South Eastern Carolina BBQ sauce “SmokeHouse BBQ” (Thin sweet & Tangy with a little heat and finally my Sweet Chile,Lime Cilantro sauce. Until social distancing is lifted we are offering them online for $8 each, they are normally $9. My rub I named Vaquero(Spanish for Cowboy). It features a Dark Italian Espresso grind from Spokane’s National award winning Coffee Roaster “RoastHouse Coffee”. It’s my go to rub for ribs as well as Blackend Steak, Grilled Chicken, Salmon etc.. It sells for $13 each. Just leave me a message with your email address & physical mailing address. This way I can get you your shipping fee for your approval before shipping. Thank you and may you and your family stay safe.”

Cascadia Public House // 6314 N Ash St 99208

There are many restaurants in town that use local ingredients when possible, but this is the entire mission at Cascadia Public House. They source ALL of their ingredients from the Cascades, with the exception of a few select items (ie. citrus and avocado). They care a lot about sustainability and place big emphasis on clean and ethical farming. Because, don’t you want to know where your food is from? Order the pretzel. You won’t regret it!

Inland Pacific Kitchen Chef Austin Conklin

Smoov’s Cutz Barbershop

Rj’s Catering

Fresh Soul

Scoe’s Barbecue

Black Label Brewing

Jolly Mart

Larry’s Barber Shop

Classic Cuts

Exclusive Barbershop

Sola Salons Suite 14 – Brittany Trambitas

Space Hub Production

Maxey Law Offices on Broadway

Wright Way Beauty Supply

Black Londons

Dr. Detail Spokane

Decorum Gift

Greenbluff Fresh Catering

Jamaican Jerk Food Truck

Big Rod’s Texas BBQ

The Chop Shop Barber Co.

As We Thrive Counseling Services

Nina Cheri Couture

Share Farm

One Body One Mind Massage Therapy

Gifted Hands Hair Salon

GM of Garland Theater/Bon Bon

Mo-Nu Hair City

Blissful Balms & Bath

Ebony Hair

Licensed Esthetician & Skincare Specialist
Inter-Tribal Beauty

Rucker Moving Company

Creators to follow on instagram:

@shantellrenej (paint and poetry)

@rosethrow (DJ, videography, digital art)

@art.storres (paint and ceramics)

@callmeryker (music management)

@selkies.soul (art and activism)

@mamaebb_flow (homeopathic medicine and wellness)

@kosmosmc (@kungfuvinylmusic and chef)

@ts_the_solution_ (music)

@jangolives (music)



  1. If there is anyway that you could make a list version of this which is easier to share on Instagram I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you

  2. Thank you for publishing this informative information. I am a African American Insurance Producer that lived in Spokane 9 years.

    I am building my Book Of Business and would love to share my services with the entire Community.

    BK/Protecting What’s VIP To My Clients
    206 376 0506

  3. Thanks for sharing! But I’m a bit confused by the end of the list- not all of those businesses are black-owned… Like Black Label Brewing. They’ve just got the word “black” in the name.

    1. A lot of the businesses on this list were submitted by our followers. We are looking into Black Label Brewing to ensure this is correct. Thanks for the info!

  4. Ive been to Texas , Kansas city, and my grandmothers house and I thought I knew bbq rib’s “. Then Bobs Chicken – n – Mo ”
    changed my life !

  5. I think this is unfair to people that are white. Why can’t we all just support each other. So I’m a white business owner. Don’t support me because I’m not black. Wow unbelievable. Especially all us trying to stay open with the Coronavirus.

    1. We are in no way telling people not to support white business owners. We highlight white business owners often. This is a way to show extra support and highlight some of our local Black business owners.

    2. Do you support these businesses? Do your friends? Maybe write down all of the black owned businesses you know and support. Then write down all the white owned businesses you know and support. Reevaluate and reconsider your response.

  6. I wanted to point out that Ebony Hair is not on the list. The owner has been in business for years and chose her name specifically for those looking for someone who does Black hair. Please add her to the list.

  7. I would like to be apart of the network to help build my BLACK OWED BOOK OF Insurance BUSINESS.

    I have 2 clients in the Spokane market and because I lived there 9 years and did the Jingle Jam Toys for Tots with the Marines and raised toys for the kids. I want and need help growing my business.

    Country Financial Insurance
    A 94 year old company and A+ Rated Company

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