Cascadia Public House opened their doors the first week of May with a completely redesigned space allowing for an outdoor patio with custom built fire pits, an indoor bar, and dining area for families with an open kitchen concept keeping their kitchen staff accountable. Their menu is gastropub meets farm-to-table. Cascadia Public House is owned by 5 men who bring different aspects of the restaurant industry together to form a hard working and dedicated team of professionals.

The owners and staff poured a lot of time into researching their demographic before the re-design and creation of Cascadia. They put extra emphasis on figuring out what demographic they wanted to cater to. They finally decided on the “diapers and debit cards” demographic. They are truly a family restaurant. They have a full kids menu called the “Future Generations Menu” and are very accommodating. The entire right side of the restaurant is open for kids of all ages and the left side is the bar and outdoor patio scene.
There are many restaurants in town that use local ingredients when possible, but this is the entire mission at Cascadia Public House. They source ALL of their ingredients from the Cascades, with the exception of a few select items (ie. citrus and avocado). They care a lot about sustainability and place big emphasis on clean and ethical farming. Because, don’t you want to know where your food is from? They have taken over the hashtag: #whereisyourfoodfrom. Currently, they get their chicken from Mary’s Free-Range in California, their burger meat comes from Gebbers Cattle in Brewster, WA. The fresh steak (as seen on my salad) came from St. Helens Beef from Oregon. The eggs used for baking come from Wilcox Farms in Roy, WA. Their cheese is from Rogue Creamery in Grants Pass, OR and their bacon from Hills Meats in Pendleton, OR. All of their Bread & Buns are delivered fresh from Alpine Bakery right here in Spokane.

Let’s start with the MVP, the Pretzel Appetizer. They started out by baking each pretzel but the turn around was too long so now they are baked then thrown in the fryer right before service to create a pretzel that turns out more like a savory donut. These pretzels were FAT and after your first bite, you won’t be able to stop. They are salted and served with stone ground mustard and a stout beer cheese, creating the perfect combo.
Pan Fried Brussels with Brussels Dip- It’s not every day that you see brussels sprouts on a gastropub menu. I typically like my brussels charred but these are lightly cooked and come paired with a dipping sauce and crackers.
Oregonzola Steak Salad. This is not your typical salad. You will definitely leave full if you order this one. It comes with their fresh steak from St. Helens Beef in Oregon. You can order it cooked to your liking then. As if stripped steak on top of your salad isn’t enough to get you to want it, they also add thick chunks of bacon, rogue oregonzola, dried cherries, apples, candied walnuts, served with bleu cheese dressing.
NW Salmon Sandwich. Nestled in a fresh Alpine Bakery roll, are large pieces of NW Sockeye salmon, tomatoes, lemon dill aioli (this aioli is bomb- we got extra on the side and were dipping our french fries in). It is served with beautifully displayed fruit on the side.
Chicken BLTA Sandwich made with Mary’s Farm chicken, Hill’s bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado with cilantro lime aioli served on an Alpine Bakery bun. Again with the aioli! YES! This sandwich was moist and fresh. Each bite had me loving life more than the last.
Last but not least… Don’t forget about dessert! They offer a Dates with Ice Cream dish and a churro. The dates with ice cream is so unique and possibly my favorite part of this whole meal. It was such a fun dessert and perfectly salted and sprinkled with lime zest. The dates are soft and warm and served on top of Brain Freeze vanilla ice cream.



I have also heard wonderful things about their mac & cheese and I was eyeing the drumsticks appetizer the table next to us ordered. They even have a Vegan Mac & Cheese on their menu! Like I said earlier, they are very accommodating. There are many items on their menu that can be made vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free. Our waitress cannot eat gluten and she mentioned how great it is that she feels safe eating foods from their kitchen without having to worry.
The staff and owners of Cascadia Public House are very passionate about their work. They believe that at the end of the day it “is about loving what you do”. The owners call themselves the “Always Sunny in Spokane” crew, after the show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. They have nicknamed them each a character from that show and they have a blast making Cascadia a success together.
They took over the old Tonicx and Ash Street Tacos location. Their walls are covered with artworks from locals and feature rotating artists each month. They feel that creating and cultivating a sense of community is what makes Spokane so special and you can feel the care they have for locals when you enter their doors.
Sunday- Thursday 11am-12am
Friday & Saturday 11am-2am
Keep eating, Spokane.
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Cascadia Public House (6314 N Ash St 99208 // 509.321.7051)