Clinkerdagger is one of the nicest places you can eat in Spokane. It is romantic, fine-dining, with a view. The ultimate trio. Clinkerdagger is dark and intimate on the inside, making it perfect for your special occasion, romantic dinner, or you can have a more casual lunch dining outside on the rivers edge. In fact, I’m not sure you can find a restaurant where you can eat closer to the Spokane River.

They say it best on their website. “Clinkerdagger is a local favorite. The tradition has continued for over 40 years at this Spokane landmark overlooking the majestic Spokane River and city skyline. This is the perfect place for a special business or romantic occasion, or perhaps simply a nice getaway for lunch or dinner.

This classic American grill artfully serves quality steaks, fresh and innovative seafood with enthusiasm by our experienced restaurant team.”





You know it’s a beautiful night for dinner on the patio when it is so pleasant that you forget you are sitting outside…

I started my meal with the Organic Mixed Greens Salad made with maytag blue cheese/pecan spring rolls, radish, bell peppers, fennel, tomatoes, and balsamic reduction priced at 9.95. This was a fun take on a starter salad with the addition of mini egg rolls. They were creamy and the pecans were a great compliment to the blue cheese.
Dan started with the Broadway Pea Salad on bib lettuce with creamy peas, water chestnuts, bacon, and tomato in a pepper dressing, served for 6.95. I may have stolen some of his too. I don’t typically like the creamy mayonnaise saucey dishes, but this dish brought your focus to the peas and bacon.
Clinkerdagger offers great happy hour specials. One of the HH favorites is the combination appetizer with Oven Roasted Crab & Artichoke Dip, Grilled Teriyaki Tenderloins, and Coconut Prawns. It’s the perfect way to taste some of their most popular apps all in one dish.







For the main course, we were served Halibut and Prime Rib. I love fish and Dan the man loves his red meat.
The Prime Rib was gigantic. It is slow roasted, herb crusted, and served with atomic horseradish (not to be confused with the identical looking mashed potatoes). This was quality meat, the potatoes were nice and buttery. He almost always orders his meat medium rare and it was cooked perfectly. I am more of a well-done type of girl. He claims that I kill my meat. To each his own.
The halibut was a great portion size for dinner. Not too small, not too big. The fish was fresh and flaky without a fishy taste served atop fresh risotto. The sauce was light and flavorful with lemon and pea sauce on the side. (Is it just me or has the salmon in stores around Spokane been REALLY fishy lately). Salmon used to be one of my favorites and now I can barely choke it down. (Luna’s salmon was a totally different story, I still have dreams about it.) I’m ready for summer salmon season.







Let’s talk dessert. The dessert was the MVP of this meal. They served us Burnt cream and they brag that this is the best creme brulee in Spokane, Dan agrees. It had a nice caramelized top layer and creamy insides.
Their warm pear bread pudding was TO.DIE.FOR. They soak the bread in the same sauce they use for their burnt cream. It comes out so moist, nothing is worse than a dry bread pudding. They also let you add your own sauce so you can drench your bread to your hearts desire. I might have been eating the sauce with my spoon once the bread pudding was gone. No judgement please.
I preferred the bread pudding and Dan liked the creme brulee better. We were more than pleased with both desserts. I have a feeling we will be back…









Tell them “Spokaneeats” sent you.

Clinkerdagger (621 W Mallon Ave Spokane, WA // 509.328.5965)