Cole’s Fine Foods is a gluten-free, gluten intolerant, celiac paradise. They serve all 100% gluten-free products including chicken nuggets and french fries, pizza, sandwiches, burgers, pancakes, grilled cheese etc. They work hard to ensure there is no cross contamination in their kitchen. They are allergen specific and very educated on the different food allergies. They are extremely accommodating and will make special orders for customers based on individual circumstances.

Cole’s once had little boy and his family come in excited for a good gluten free meal. The boy was celiac but also had a severe peanut allergy. At that point, Cole’s was cooking with peanut oil. When they realized that boy couldn’t eat their food they completely scrubbed down their, kitchen, fryer, and deep cleaned everything and began cooking with canola oil. Talk about going the extra mile. These people care.

Cole’s Fine Foods converts old family recipes to gluten free versions to better serve the gluten free community. They use local, natural and organic ingredients as well as non GMO products. They serve amish meats and cheese which means they are kosher.


They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all day, EVERY DAY! 99% of their food is made scratch-in house. This goes as far as their graham cracker crust. They literally make their own graham crackers.

On the breakfast menu they offer omelets, pancakes, waffles, and bisciuits and gravy. The lunch menu has a nice selection of burgers and sandwiches, soups, salads, and cole’s grilled cheese specialties. On the dinner menu: appetizers, pizza, entrees, and desserts. They also offer a kids menu and they serve fresh Doma Coffee.

I ordered the biscuits and gravy as it came highly recommended by my server. It was served with roasted potatoes and I added an egg to the top. This dish is sold for about $11. I chose the sausage gravy over the veggie gravy. This gravy was creamy and the biscuits were soft. The portion size was perfect and you can ask for you egg cooked to your liking.

I heard the table next to me talking with their son (who is celiac) and he was so excited to finally be eating french fries. They said it had probably been 5 years since he was able to eat french fries! Thanks to Cole’s, everyone with Celiac or gluten intolerance can without the fear of being poisoned. It’s truly a “safe place” for so many in our community.


They sell gluten free dough, frozen pizzas, pie crust, soup mix, and even candy! I can’t imagine how nice it must be for gluten-free customers to be able to come to Cole’s Fine Foods and shop, eat, and enjoy to their hearts delight!

I also got to try some of their fritters. When I have tried gluten free breads and pastries in the past they always taste dry, bland, and aren’t worth the calories. The breads and pastries at Cole’s are oh so different. These donuts are moist, flavorful and covered with a fresh glaze to add that extra sweetness. I tried the apple fritter and the pumpkin fritter. I really really liked the pumpkin. It had a maple flavor to it.

Cole’s even does custom cake orders for weddings and parties. If you don’t leave in the area, you can call their store and they are happy to ship out their products.

Thanks for having me Cole’s Fine Foods! It was so great to learn about how you are helping the gluten-free community in Spokane. I know that you are much appreciated.



Keep eating, Spokane.


Make sure you let them know I sent you!

Cole’s Fine Foods (521 E. Holland, Suite 20 Spokane, WA / 509.413.1739)