We are big fans of Downriver Grill. They do a lot and they do it all well. Their ground beef quality hasn’t been matched. They serve fresh certified 6 oz. Angus beef patties made from ground up steak. You can taste the quality meat in each bite. Their burger was voted Best Meat Quality on our best burgers in Spokane post. Find more HERE. 

They celebrate Happy Hour ALL DAY on Wednesdays. Which means, you can get the Chef’s Special “burger of the moment” with house truffle chips for only $10 (this burger is only served on Wednesday). This is a gourmet meal for the same price as a fast food meal. Stop in today to check out their other Happy Hour offers.


They offer two other burgers on their regular menu and they are sure to WOW. My favorite was “Dr. G’s Gourmet Burger” with a big portabella mushroom, crispy fried onions, truffled arugula, and port-peppercorn aioli. Their most popular burger is the DRG’s Chipotle BBQ Burger. It is topped with caramelized onion, bacon, roasted garlic aioli, butter lettuce, tomato, red onion, house-made BBQ sauce, and Gorgonzola cheese. If you have been to Downriver Grill before, then you have heard about their Gorgonzola waffle fries, just do it. Each burger is served with waffle fries or a side salad.

They are fine dining in a casual neighborhood restaurant. Downriver Grill is committed to quality, sourcing ingredients locally, and creating unique, delicious dishes. They have been a local favorite for many years and will continue to impress for many more years.


Keep eating, Spokane!

And don’t forget to tell them we sent you.


Downriver Grill (3315 W Northwest Blvd Spokane, WA// 509.323.1600)