The difference between Ezell’s and other “Fried Chicken” establishments is simple. At Ezell’s, they make everything from scratch. They peel the potatoes, bread the chicken, bake the beans… you get it. Their mashed potatoes taste REAL and are made with buttermilk and spices.

The have a unique method to their fried chicken and they have truly mastered their techniques. Their chicken is de-fatted before it is fried, then soaked in cold water, which seals in the juices before it is cooked. This cooking method allows you to taste the juices of the chicken, not the grease. It’s true. You eat this chicken with your hands but mine never got greasy, yet the chicken was moist and flavorful. They say their chickens are “power lifters” because they are a lot more meaty than your average piece of fried chicken. They call it diamond cut, which means that they include some extra breast meat and overall bigger chickens than their competitors.20160512-IMG_2027





At Ezell’s, they put a lot of time and effort into their fried chicken. This isn’t just another fast food stop where you can order fried chicken. They marinate their Cajun Spicy Chicken for 24 hours. Their chicken is fresh, never frozen and gently battered. They make their brown gravy from scratch. Employees come in early to make their bread dough and bake their rolls throughout the day so they are fresh-as-can-be. The cheese sauce for their Mac & Cheese is made in their soup kettle, mixed in with their macaroni then baked in the oven for the nice crisp top. The flavor was very similar to Barefoot Contessa’s Mac & Cheese recipe.

We tried a variety of side dishes and were impressed by all. The most impressive were their mashed potatoes and baked beans. I mentioned before that the mashed potatoes were REAL. The baked beans are just the right amount of smoky mixed with sweet. I’m not typically a coleslaw fan (mayonnaise makes me gag) but their coleslaw had that extra zing, it’s crunchy and not weighed down by the sauce (that i’m pretending wasn’t mayonnaise).

This peach cobbler made a great dessert, and I saved some to have for breakfast the next morning. Peach cobbler for breakfast… it’s healthy!





Ezell’s Famous Chicken is HUGELY popular in Seattle and they have 13 stores on the West Side and a couple food trucks.

Even Oprah loves Ezell’s! Oprah’s product endorsements are about as good as they get. Oprah was visiting Seattle and asked around for where she could find the best fried chicken and people told her Ezell’s. She had it delivered to her hotel room and the rest is history. She ordered it again the next day and raved to all her fans about their famous fried chicken. She loved it so much, she had it flown all the way across the world to Geneva, Switzerland when she was traveling.

Not only does Oprah love her Ezell’s Famous Chicken, so do the Seahawks! The team gets Ezell’s catered at various events and often chooses it as their pre-game meal.




Ezell’s has been open for 32 years and about a year in Spokane. The owners have made a lot of changes and improvements since the Spokane store first opened. Give them a chance and  don’t forget to try their BBQ Ranch.

My only complaint is that it is far on the South Hill, but after trying it, people will be willing to travel a lot farther than 20 minutes from Downtown to get some of this chicken. They have customers that drive over from Post Falls and Wandermere religiously because they are fans from Seattle and they have get their Ezell’s fix in Spokane.




Tell them “Spokaneeats” sent you.

Ezell’s Famous Chicken (4919 S Regal St, Spokane, WA // 509.448.4881)