Over thirty years ago, Fery Haghighi left her home in Tehran, Iran and immigrated to Spokane with her family. In 1980, she opened her first business, Au Croissant, which introduced the first espresso drinks and handcrafted croissants to the area.

Fery made her famous croissants in a steam oven that was specifically built for making the quintessential, buttery, flaky croissant. And, unsurprisingly, people couldn’t get enough of them. Au Croissant routinely had lines out of the door and was named one of the top ten restaurants in Spokane. Although Au Croissant closed several years ago, its legacy still lives on. Fery said that she still gets asked for croissants to this day.

Spokane Catering & Take OutSpokane Catering & Take OutSpokane Catering & Take Out

After Au Croissant’s doors closed, Fery decided to channel her talents into a catering and take-out venue. At the bottom of the South Hill in a small, quaint building, I found Fery’s Catering. And it was love at first sight, smell and taste. As soon as I walked in, I was warmly welcomed and given a bite-sized cheese terrine.

The staff explained that it is Persian custom to never leave guests waiting without something good to eat (a philosophy that I love, and can totally get behind!). The terrine was a hand-rolled piece of provolone, cream cheese, goat cheese, pesto and sun-dried tomato on top of a cracker. And it was absolutely incredible. The three cheeses combined harmoniously into a cheesy symphony that was perfectly accompanied by the herbal pesto and the tartness of the sun-dried tomatoes. You can purchase the terrine by the inch, and it took all my willpower to not purchase several feet.

Spokane Catering & Take Out

Fery’s staff does most their shopping at local farmer’s markets, and Fery has her own herb garden behind the restaurant. These fresh ingredients, combined with the attention to detail that Fery and her staff (mostly family) put into their work, made every dish fresh, vibrant and unforgettable.

I tried over ten different dishes and I can say with confidence that everything was near, if not total, perfection. Although it was tough to choose a favorite, the kebabs came out on top. Both the chicken and beef were marinated in a unique blend of herbs and spices, and then grilled until they were melt-in-your-mouth tender. Another standout was the quinoa salad, made with red pepper, beans and feta. All the ingredients stood out beautifully, but also worked together seamlessly.

Spokane Catering & Take Out

Spokane Catering & Take Out

Fery’s always has a few limited menu items on hand that are readily available for pick up. When I was there, there were several pastries and cookies, pasta salad, quinoa salad and dolma. But, that’s only a snapshot of their extensive menu. You can order many more of Fery’s delicious dishes for pick- up, just call ahead 15-20 minutes beforehand and they will have it read for you when you arrive.

Not only is she an amazing cook, Fery truly loves what she does. Fery’s Catering is only open Mon-Sat, but you can routinely find Fery at her business on Sunday either reading a cookbook, trying a new recipe or simply having a cup of coffee. This love extends to her customers as well. Fery appreciates and cares for her customers, something that I experienced personally. As soon as I walked in the door, I was greeted with open arms and instantly felt like a part of the family. Fery’s food may get you in the door, but her kind spirit will keep you coming back.

Fery’s Catering (421 S Cowley St, Spokane, WA // 509.458.5234)

* This post was sponsored by Fery’s Catering.