At Fire Pizza Spokane, they focus on using quality ingredients and they aim to use organic and local whenever possible. All of the pizzas we tried tasted very fresh and innovative (and we tried a lot).  Fire Pizza Spokane just released their new menu on April 1st, introducing a new appetizer (Shrimp Skewer), 4 new pizzas (the 816, Northshore 2.0, Carne Asada, and Greenhaü), and 2 new desserts (The Raspberry Cheesecake pizza & Peach-Ginger Cobbler)!

Naturally, as a food blogger, I felt it my obligation to try every single item off their new menu. Let’s start with the appetizers. The shrimp skewer is stacked with jumbo shrimp and sweet pineapple and grilled with a sweet sauce. We also tried the Caprese Salad and Italian Chopped Salad with Italian Vinaigrette. The salad was huge and really tasty. It is the perfect size to split with two or more, and use as a compliment to your pizzas. Now, let’s talk about the pizza…

NEW-816- olive oil, cheddar mozzarella mix, mushrooms, sausage, red onion, finished with fresh thyme

NEW-Greenhaus- olive oil, roasted garlic, mozzarella provolone mix, fingerling potatoes, sautéed brussels sprouts, broccoli, roasted red peppers, goat cheese, finished with cracked bell pepper

NEW-Carne Asada- olive oil, roasted garlic, mozzarella provolone mix, marinated carne aside, finished with fresh pico de gallo and cotija cheese. This one was a big hit with our bunch! We thought it was very unique and fun to have a Mexican style pizza. (The only way it could be better is if they had paired it with avocado).

NEW-Northshore 2.0- Tonkatsu sauce, mozzarella provolone mix, BBQ pork, Kansas City bacon, roasted red pepper and pineapple

We also tried the Thai: sweet chili sauce, mozzarella provolone mix, house-made chicken, serrano chilies, green onions, cashew satay, finished with cilantro, cashews and sriracha. This is one of their most popular Pizzas. It is drizzled with sriracha which adds that extra spicy flavor to each bite.  Speaking of sauce pairings, two of our pizzas came with a creamy side of sauce. This really amped up the flavor and changed things up. For those of y’all that love to dip your pizza in ranch, these sauces are WAY better!

Any pizza on the menu can be made on their gluten free crust. This crust was actually really good. When I think of gluten-free, I often think “in-edible”. The gluten free crust at Fire Pizza Spokane is oh so edible and sometimes preferred over their regular crust. It is cracker thin with a nice crunch which works well to compliment some of these pizza flavors with lighter toppings.

The new menu was debuted on April 1st and the staff at Fire Pizza Spokane will continue to listen to customer feedback and make improvements as they are desired. They also offer weekly pizza specials as a way to try new recipes and gauge customer interest. They are big on refining their menu and hammering out what is and isn’t selling as a way to test out new recipes.
All around, we had a great experience at Fire Pizza Spokane and I can’t wait to go back! When (not if) you eat at Fire, you can expect friendly service, a fun atmosphere, and a cozy, casual dinner. Their space downtown is within walking distance from Riverfront Park, the mall, and it is right across from The Davenport Historic Hotel. This is a great spot for a date night, girls night, or bring the whole family!
Did you think I forgot about dessert? Yeah… right. We tried all three dessert items on the menu. You know, because obviously we were still hungry. (jokes) We started with their infamous Bitter Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookie topped with Tillamook Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, then they brought out the Peach-Ginger Cobbler and the Raspberry Cheesecake pizza. This chocolate chip cookie is infamous for a reason. It is hard and crunchy on the outside then soft and gooey on the inside. A warm cookie topped with ice cream may be my favorite dessert of all time and Fire Pizza does this dish SO right. The Peach Ginger Cobbler comes topped with vanilla ice cream that melts quickly because the cobbler comes fresh out of the oven. This duo is the perfect close to your meal. It is sweet but not too heavy. We were most surprised by the Raspberry Cheesecake pizza. We didn’t really know what to expect with this, but our minds were blown. They make the cheesecake pizza on the gluten free crust which brings the flavor to the toppings, instead of being weighted down by so much bread.

Keep eating, Spokane.

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Fire Artisan Pizza (816 W Sprague Ave, Spokane, WA / 509.413.1856)