The Davenport first opened their doors back in 1914 and it is amazing how much of the original design they have maintained. You can look at a picture of the Davenport in 1914 and there are so many items that still remain just as they were. The Historic Davenport is flooded with history and they have maintained so much glam over the decades.

Did you know the Crab Louis salad was created here!?!? Right here in Spokane! Another interesting part about the Davenport Historic Hotel is that the fire place never goes out. When it was first created they had a full time employee working round the clock to stoke the fire. Still, to this day, the fire burns at all hours of day and night and in all seasons. It is a really special part of the Davenport Hotel and adds a lot of intimacy and romance to their overall vibe.

A great feature about the Davenport is you can carry your drink anywhere around the lobby and into and out of their restaurant, as long as you stay on their grounds. They also offer complimentary valet parking if you spend more than $25.


The Peacock lounge is swanky and lavish, complete with real stuffed peacocks, peacock wallpaper and a huge stained glass peacock mural. The Lounge opens after 4pm and it’s a hot spot to order appetizers and cocktails. The high-end vibe in the Peacock lounge even carries over to their drinks. They use top shelf liquor and all of their martinis are doubles. The lounge offers draft beer and Arbor Crest Wines for $4 during happy hour.

We started with two of Palm Court Grills most popular appetizers. These are the Sesame Seared Yellow fin Tuna and the Fresh Dungeness Crab Cakes. These crab cakes were thick and stuffed FULL of fresh crab. They are dressed in a creamy house sauce with a fresh fruit, cole slaw salad. I will definitely order these again when I come back. The Ahi Tuna was served rare, with a creamy (and spicy) wasabi sauce. This adds a real kick to the dish, however I prefer my Ahi raw and plain. The Ahi isn’t pre-dressed so you can enjoy it just how you like it. The toasted sesame seeds add some great texture to each bite.


“The Palm Court Grill menu features choice cuts of USDA prime beef and freshly caught fish along with the region’s finest wines and select ingredients. The restaurant’s private dining room has provided the graceful setting for wedding rehearsal dinners, birthdays, luncheons and get-togethers for generations of guests. For smaller groups and people watchers, the tables in the historic lobby next to the fireplace offer a mix of coziness and palatial grandeur. Meals for every appetite are served throughout the day.”

One of their most popular dishes overall is their infamous Crab Louie Salad. Chef Edward Matthew was the head chef at the Davenport Hotel when it first opened in 1914. He spared no effort to bring the cuisine of the Davenport Hotel to the highest possible point of excellence. He was the original creator of the Crab Louis Salad, which he often prepared for Louis Davenport. People still rave over this salad, packed with fresh dungeness crab and tossed in the Davenport Louis dressing. Don’t ask for the recipe, it’s a secret.

We followed the appetizer with the Seared Alaskan Halibut served lightly breaded in a lemon beurre blanc sauce. This is the perfect lunch portion and left me feeling satisfied. When I say that this Halibut is lightly breaded, it is very light. The halibut is the star of the dish, not the crust, as it should be. The halibut was flaky and fresh and the almonds and mango salsa added a crunch and sweetness to each bite.


If you haven’t been inside the Historic Davenport Hotel, then you owe it to yourself to take a visit. They have a variety of delicious restaurants, a boutique selling exclusive davenport gifts, a floral shop and did I mention how much history is built into this hotel. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful building in Spokane.

Open every day from 6AM until close | Breakfast, lunch and dinner | Complimentary valet parking with $25 minimum purchase when dining | Happy Hour daily from 4 to 6 PM | Private dining room seats up to 30 | Lobby seating also available | Early- Bird Specials: Sunday – Thursday 3 PM – 6 PM

Keep eating, Spokane. Don’t forget to tell them we sent you!


Palm Court Grill (10 South Post Street, Spokane, WA / 509.789.6848)