Perry Street Brewing has been serving craft beer on Perry Street since March 2014. The brewery was created by a local couple, Ben & Christy. He’s from Montana and she’s from Spokane. Their vision for Perry Street Brewery was to create a neighborhood gathering place where you can bring the whole family. They specifically chose this location on Perry Street because of the sense of community around the neighborhood.

Originally, Perry Street Brewing only sold beer and they partnered with local food trucks to serve their patrons good grub. Eventually, they decided to add a small kitchen to their space and start serving food out of their own kitchen, run by Chef Alisha. The kitchen is tiny, only big enough for two, but they have managed to create an impressive menu full of fresh, local foods that keep people coming back for more than just the beer. The owners had a vision for farm-to-table craft food to match their craft beer atmosphere, and Chef Alisha delivered!
Back in the kitchen, the entire staff is female. #girlpower. Perry Street Brewing is built on employees who work hard and care about what they are doing. They typically serve two different menus each year and just recently started serving their Spring/Summer menu. The new menu is created to highlight the season and I would use two words to describe it: Fresh and Fruity.
The Cheese & Charcuterie Board is absolutely stunning and it tastes just as good as it looks. It is made with Leavenworth cheese, local berries, cougar gold, goat cheese rolled in lemon zest, bleu cheese, fresh fruit, pickles, seasonal jam and mustard and served with a sliced Common Crumb baguette. If you haven’t tried cougar gold cheese, then you don’t know what you’re missing. It is a true staple in these parts of the Pacific Northwest. There is nothing better than spending a relaxing afternoon with a good drink and a nibbling on a cheese board. Perry Street Brewing is killing it with their spread. This is a MUST order.
I also tried the Citrus Salad. Served in a large bowl with fresh spinach with oranges, seasonal berries and cranberries, and topped with goat cheese, house-made seed mix and red onion. Paired with balsamic vinaigrette and your choice of grilled turkey or chicken. I was excited with the chef recommended this salad because I had just exercised and I wanted something light and fresh. This salad was just that. It has that wonderful berry/cheese thing going for it and the balsamic vinaigrette is really special. I usually don’t use the full side of dressing at restaurants, but in this case, I didn’t want to waist any.
I have visited Perry Street Brewing before this, and I love their Thai quinoa bowl. Unfortunately, it is difficult for them to get quinoa at a reasonable price during the Spring and Summer months so this dish is only served during Fall and Winter. BUT, they created a Thai Chicken Wrap with similar flavor to the Thai Quinoa Bowl. So, if you really love the bowl, give the wrap a try!
The Rockwood Chicken Sandwich comes with Cougar Gold cheese, cranberries, red onion, seasonal greens and pesto aioli on a challah bun. Again with the Cougar Gold cheese! Yes, please! If you love a sweet and savory sandwich, this is your guy.

At Perry Street Brewing, they get most of their ingredients from local distributors such as Linc Foods Co-op. Chef Alisha does a great job highlighting local, seasonal ingredients. They also love to incorporate produce sold at the Perry Street Farmers Market during the Spring and Summer months. .

If you come to Perry Street Brewing on a Tuesday, get ready for some tacos! Taco Tuesdays are a huge hit. You can get two street tacos for 2 for $5. If you come on a day other than Tuesday, you can still enjoy the house special taco of the day.
Perry Street Brewing is very kid friendly. They have a few items on their kids menu and they love seeing the whole family. There are games to help entertain your kids and you can always count on a low-key, laid back environment. They also have a fantastic outdoor (dog-friendly) patio and three flat screens with a huge projector and screen for special events.
So, I focus on the food, but Perry Street Brewing is obviously known for their beer. They won the Greatest Session Beer in America last year at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) Awards. This is quite the accolade. The winner is their Session IPL. Voted. Greatest. In. America. Y’all. They rotate their beers regularly and typically offer 8-9 beers on tap. They are known for their experimental hoppy beers. If you are hesitant to come in and try a new beer, they welcome you with open arms. The staff at Perry Street Brewing has a great way of making their patrons feel comfortable and relaxed.
When you come to PSB, you know what to expect. You will get friendly service, experimental “hoppy” beers, and fresh, flavorful food.
Keep eating, Spokane.
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Perry Street Brewing (1025 S Perry St #2, Spokane, WA // 509.279.2820)