Friday night is Fresh Oyster night at Prohibition Gastropub. You can get a dozen for $19 or a half dozen for $11. These fresh oysters are flowing in by Pacific Seafood on the half shell every Thursday or Friday. They begin the oyster serving at 6pm and there are limited quantities so get in early to make sure they don’t run out. The chef takes extra care and effort to ensure these oysters are quality and fresh. He smells each one before it is served.

The jalapeño poppers are a house staple at Prohibition Gastropub. The waiter has worked at a variety of restaurants around town and he says that the fanfare these jalapeno poppers generate is incredible to see. Now we know why. These jalapenos are stuffed with mixed cheese and roasted garlic then wrapped with their famous candy-coated bacon. The jalapenos are roasted and sweeten up a bit then melt in your mouth with each gooey, cheesy bite.


The Chef Special on Friday was seared halibut with pave potatoes, candied baby carrots and beer braised chioggia beets in a bercy sauce. This dish was really unique with the added beet aspect. They were a great compliment to the fish and potatoes. These pave potatoes are impressively beautiful and crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. This is what I love about Prohibition Gastropub. They go above and beyond with each and every one of their dishes. They could have plopped on some mashed potatoes with this special and called it good. But, instead they took the extra time and attention to create these beautiful pave potatoes which help turn this dish from good, to great.
The Al Capone burger is a burger game-changer. Always add the two jalapeño poppers, trust me. This handmade beef patty is made with secret ingredients including fresh coffee grounds that keep the burger extra juicy. Each burger is grilled to order and served up on a brioche bun, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, candy bacon, cheddar cheese, dirty ketchup and a fried egg. This burger has so many dimension and the bun is extra fresh and delicious.


We also tried their two house desserts. The first was a Whiskey Infused Cheesecake, from our favorites over at Spokane Cheesecakes. They infuse this cheesecake with Pendleton Whiskey served in an Amaretto Sauce. We also tried Chef John’s favorite dessert, the Chocolate Mousse. This dessert is fluffy and not too rich. It has a nice bitter, whiskey flavor and it truly melts in your mouth. I would highly recommend ordering both as they balance each other out really nicely.

Keep eating, Spokane.

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Prohibition Gastropub ( 1914 N. Monroe St. Spokane // 509.474.9040)