How did Ridge Line Rings come to be?

Ridge Line Rings was founded by Graham Silcher after he decided to learn how to make bentwood rings as a mother’s day gift for his mom. From that first gift, he knew he had found something that not only made a wonderful and artistic piece of jewelry, but also a passion for this unique art. Graham grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Montana and has always had a deep appreciation and connection to nature. From Hiking to backpacking, fishing, riding horses, or jumping into the alpine lakes, he has always loved the way the beauty of nature can revitalize you like nothing else can.

It was this appreciation of nature that urged Graham to pursue this very specific and beautiful style of jewelry. Bentwood rings can provide a way for many people to feel the natural touch and connection of the outdoors no matter where they are. Strong, durable, and with a soft feel, these rings are the perfect alternative to traditional jewelry choices.

Your education/work background that led you to where you are now?

Graham’s Education and work background is actually in the physical and biological sciences. At the age of 16, he started working in a federal genomics facility, sequencing DNA. From there, he moved on to earning degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Whitworth University and working at Sacred Heart Medical Center. So how did he make the change to entrepreneurship and jewelry? In a strange way, this profession compliments all of the skills he has been gathering as he has grown. Attention to detail, rigorous testing and experimentation, and precision are all scientific necessities that Graham has applied to the building of Ridge Line Rings. Combine that with an outlet for creative expression, and Graham found he had discovered a real passion to pursue. 

What inspired the name?

Growing up in the Bitterroot Valley, sandwiched between the rocky mountains and the sapphire mountains, the ridge lines of these iconic edifices were a constant companion. The name hearkens back to that and Graham’s appreciation for nature and adventure.

A typical day on the job?

A typical day balances administrative, marketing, and networking duties with time in the shop and in-person art shows.

What is your podcast/playlist of choice?

A mix of Lake Street Dive, California Honeydrops, and Leon Bridges.

What takes the longest time to make a ring?

A great deal depends on the style of ring requested. If the ring includes antler, shaping and hollowing the antler to exactly fit the dimensions of the wooden liner takes a great deal of time and patience. 

Is there a best seller?

Currently, the Bubinga band with turquoise inlay and pure silver bands is really popular, but preferences seem to vary all the time!

Are the Inlays in Your Rings Genuine Stones?

Absolutely! Every inlay, be it Lapis, Malachite, Turquoise, or any other stone we use is from genuine mined materials from all over the world. Also, 99.99% pure silver is used in all of our rings that include silver bands. 

Why did you decide to start your business in Spokane?

After graduating, Graham had time to work and live in Spokane, gaining a great deal of appreciation for the area. When it came time to start Ridge Line Rings, it just made sense both from a business and lifestyle standpoint.

How do you decide when to start using new products or where to source them from?

This varies. A lot of times, it just comes down to researching materials and products and experimenting with them to see if they are viable. My favorite form of material discovery, however, comes when a customer comes to me with an idea for a custom ring utilizing a material I’ve never used before. I don’t always guarantee that I can work with the material requested, but many of the times we can and the result is always amazing to see.

What makes Ridge Line Rings unique?

Versatility & functionality.

Something we have been constantly amazed by (and are continually proud of) are the beautiful connections and significance that people will ascribe to these rings. From everything from wedding bands, to birthday gifts, to just something special for yourself, Ridge Line Rings provides a variety of styles and options that can appeal to everyone. What will speak to you? Will you be drawn to a classic, unadorned, band that showcases the natural wood grain? Or does a deep, stone inlay catch your eye? Perhaps you find a ring made from a wood that comes from some region of the world that has a special connection for you. Whatever the reason, we hope you find a one-of-a-kind ring that carries importance to you.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

I love seeing the connections people make to these pieces. Whether it is due to the wood being from a significant region to them, a favorite stone inlay, or simply a design that speaks to them, it’s amazing to see their excitement in what I do.

How can I get my own ring?

You can custom order your ring on the site: https://ridgelinerings.com/shop-online

OR shop locally and pick yours up at…. Austin’s Fine Jewelry (1327 North Washington) / Lolo Boutique (319 W Second Avenue).

Where do you like to eat around Spokane?

The Lantern, in the Perry District, Elliot’s, and South Perry Pizza are all favorites. If there’s a special occasion, however Wild Sage Bistro is always our go to!

If you were on an island and could only bring three things, what would you bring?

Saw, Tarp, and Paracord.