What’s better than feeling refreshed and relaxed? Probably nothing. Rio Wellness knows exactly what to do to make you feel like a new you.

This yoga, massage and self-development space is right on the river and has views of it from their yoga room. I mean how often can you do yoga with a view?

Rio Wellness wants to make sure they focus on bettering you through self-care and pampering. That’s definitely something we’d love to take part in – so we did!

Spokane MassageSpokane MassageSpokane Massage

Their space was so cute, and you could instantly feel relaxation vibes. It’s the kind of place you can leave your worries at the door and focus on yourself.

There are few things I like more in this world than a massage. I set a goal this year to get a massage each month and I’m three months in and wondering why I didn’t make this a goal ten years ago! My hour long massage from Ben was absolute perfection. With soothing music playing in the background, a warm massage table, and the perfect pressure, I was dozing in and out of slumber. This is actually a huge deal for me because I can’t nap anywhere. The fact that I fell asleep in a new place while being massaged attests to the utter relaxation that you feel at Rio Wellness.

They put together an extra special starter package to give you a taste of some of their offerings. For only $130 you can enjoy an hour long massage and 5 yoga sessions in their serene studio space. ($130 is typically the price just for a massage – if not more)

Spokane Massage Spokane Massage Spokane Massage Spokane Massage

After my massage, we had the chance to take a yoga class and experience a deep connection between balance and breath. If you need that feeling of relaxation, we definitely recommend their Gentle Flow & Restorative Yoga class!

They also offer specialized yoga classes focusing on back pain relief or meditation. What’s really cool is every Sunday at 1:15 they have Community Yoga. All you need to do is show up and pay what you can afford for the class and join others who are looking to stretch their Sundays away!

It was great to practice in a space where you can truly show up no matter what level you’re at. Most of their classes are offered in the afternoon or night so you can catch them after work.

Our favorite part about their space would have to be the breathtaking view of the river. The yoga studio opens up to open land with a clear view of the water, making for an even more zen experience.

Spokane Massage Spokane Massage

“We focus on self-care as necessity, challenging the perception that it’s considered pampering to take care of yourself. Our team takes a comprehensive, integrated body, mind, and spirit approach to our services with the core belief that if you begin to take care of yourself in one area, care of the others will naturally follow. We believe that the core of all healing, balance, and happiness is within. Everything you need to live a more centered life is already in you. Our role is to provide the tools and services to assist you in bringing that strength and power to the surface.”

Spokane Massage Spokane MassageWhat blew us away was their workshops and events list. I mean they offer a yoga class with live music and wine – how fun! They also offer Paint Nights and Sound Journeys just to name a few to keep on your radar.

But if you really need that ultimate relaxation and escape, their Spring Retreat could be your new best friend. Just a two-day getaway to Leavenworth focusing on self-care for you. Someone please sign us up.

If you’re on the fence, like we mentioned, Rio has a great starter pack that includes a 60-minute massage and 5 yoga sessions for only $130. It’s the perfect way to get a taste of what they do and pamper yourself!

Rio Wellness (1003 E Trent Ave Suite 130, Spokane, WA // 509.474.1800)

This post was created in partnership with Rio Wellness. All opinions remain my own.