Sante is a pleasant escape from Spokane. There is nothing quite like it in the city. Located on main street next to Aunties Bookstore, Sante is a Parisian restaurant in a classy space with a menu that will refine your palette and make you savor each bite.

At Sante, “we do not believe in the unnecessary use of antibiotics, hormones, GMO’s, and pesticides. Every animal that we bring into our establishment has been raised as if they were raised in the wild. On site butchering and preparing scratch made cuisine eliminates the mysterious middle man, and gives us confidence and integrity in our products; knowing where they’ve come from, and how they’re bred and fed.”

The French have meal time figured out. To them, food is about so much more than consuming calories to give you energy. In Paris, food is an art. You eat for the experience and socialization, not just for the food. Each bite takes you on a journey as you bite and chew and swallow and give your food the respect it deserves. Our waiters even had accents that helped with the whole Parisian feeling at Sante. We prefer their breakfast/lunch dishes where you can score some shirred eggs, a grilled cheese with bacon and egg, and some soft, pillowy gnocchi. 20161121-img_394420161121-img_394520161121-img_396320161121-img_396720161121-img_3955Let’s start with the shirred eggs. This dish comes out served in a cast iron dish still being cooked as it is brought to your table. It consists of 3 farm fresh eggs, creamy potatoes, kale, onion, and confiture served with a sliced baguette for pairing. This creamy eggy dish was just what I wanted it to be. The eggs were cooked but still runny, the potatoes were nicely flavored and the baguette was crisp and fresh, baked by Common Crumb Artisan Bakery.

The Gnocchi was the most pillowy that I have ever had. The gnocchi i have had in the past is typically weighted down by a creamy sauce that causes it to get soggy and lose its firm shape. The gnocchi at Sante was tossed in a red pepper cream sauce, lightly to where it coated each piece but never stole the show from the gnocchi itself. It was mixed with a light Italian cured meat that added density and texture. This was a small serving but it was just right for a lunch portion!20161121-img_395020161121-img_396420161121-img_396920161121-img_3948Finally, we tried two different sandwiches. First was the grilled cheese. This is not your typical grilled cheese. Im now wondering how I ever considered a grilled cheese just cheese and bread. A grilled cheese can be made spectacular with bacon and egg! This grilled cheese is toasted with provolone, tomatoes, greens and served with a side of mustard aioli. I would definitely recommend this sandwich. We also tried the Butchers sandwich of the week with was made with roast beef and complete with a creamy sauce and caramelized onions. It had a real crunch and they didn’t skimp on the meat. You can choose various sides to get with your sandwich.

Sante is owned by the same people that own Common Crumb Artisan Bakery and most of their breads and pastries served are baked fresh at Common Crumb. They send you off with a small, sugared marshmallow to cleanse your palette. The service is extremely polite and helpful, so don’t be afraid to ask questions when you see that a lot of their menu is in French. They are happy to accommodate special meal requests, just ask!



Keep eating, Spokane.
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Breakfast & Lunch 9am – 3pm
Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie (404 West Main Street Spokane, WA // 509.315.4613)