Spokane has so many assets to be proud of. Whether it is the breathtaking landscape, incredibly innovative restaurants or elite universities, everyone that lives here has something that makes them proud to call this place home.

For some sport enthusiasts, the local teams are what it is all about and not many cities can say they have a minor league baseball team, a major junior ice hockey team and a college basketball team that has been to the NCAA Tournament every year since 1999. In fact, no other city can say they are home to the largest 3on3 basketball tournament in the world. No other city can say they are home to The Best Basketball Weekend on Earth. No other city can say they are home to Spokane Hoopfest.

Spokane Hoopfest is celebrating our 30th year of taking over the streets this June 29 & 30. If you’ve never been to the event, this year is your year. Imagine a downtown takeover. A city transformed by basketball. Athletes of all levels as far as the eye can see and the streets just as they were intended to be.

Hoopfest started as a dream back in 1990 with 512 teams and 36 courts; the tournament now sees over 6,000 teams and 422 courts. Hoopfest has hosted 595,850 players since the beginning, so why stop there? Register to play and join us this June.

Whether you’re a hooper, a rookie or a veteran, we have a spot for you. Yes, it is about basketball…but who we are is about much more than a ball, tape and a net. “We are proud that Hoopfest is the most vibrant, diverse and inclusive weekend of the year. From athletes, volunteers to fans, everyone is welcome at Hoopfest,” Executive Director Matt Santangelo states.

The strength of this community is what provides the foundation to continue to thrive as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit.  It takes 3,000+ volunteers to pull off this event that generates nearly $50 million dollars in economic impact. Over 300 local and national sponsors step up and partner with Hoopfest to elevate the event each year. All of the activations, food exhibitors and courts culminate into an electricity that really can’t be described in words.

The sights, sounds, competition, laugher, tears, reunion of friends and family; few things capture the heart of a community like Spokane Hoopfest. Paired with a dynamic downtown festival, Hoopfest Weekend transcends basketball through the celebration of athleticism. Did we mention we have an entire zone dedicated just to food called Food Fest?! Register now to play, volunteer or just mark Hoopfest on your calendar, June 29 & 30th. We can promise you #Hoopfest2019 will be something all of us can be proud of as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Best Basketball Weekend on Earth.