Nestled below the west side of the The Davenport Grand Hotel is Spokane’s “small-plate, big-flavor” restaurant and whiskey bar. Table 13 puts the “grand” in the Grand Hotel. While the dishes aren’t grand in size- they are tapas, meant to be shared- they are grand in flavor and presentation.
The menu items are unique and chef, Ian Wingate, puts his own fresh spin on each dish. He has trained under some of the best and completed culinary school in California, it’s obvious he knows, and loves, what he is doing.
In true Davenport style, Table 13 is classy, sophisticated, and upscale. All of their Tapas dishes are $13. Table 13… get it? (smaller plates are $6.50)
The best part about Table 13 is that the “small plates” give you the opportunity to try a variety of dishes. I always feel so much pressure when I get to a restaurant and have to choose one dish. At Table 13, you can pick multiple menu items and try some of each of them.
Not only does Table 13 serve great tapas, it is also home to Spokane’s own “Speakeasy” Whiskey Bar. The bar is dimly lit and pairs well with the upscale, high-end design that the Davenport portrays. In addition to their diverse whiskey selection, they also have an impressive wine list.
We shared four plates between the two of us and it was just the right amount of food.

20160720-IMG_307420160720-IMG_3081Southern food hits close to home for me. Shrimp and Grits come flavored with a Tasso ham smoked heirloom tomato emulsion and roasted pepper Walla Walla sweet onion. These white prawns were charred, shrimp after my own heart. The grits were a little dry but I blame that on my 20 minute photography session. I couldn’t stop photographing this beautiful dish. Do you blame me?

In my experience, poke is either really great or less than edible. This raw ahi tuna literally melted in my mouth. It is  cut into small bite-sized pieces and served atop avocado with a nice teriyaki flavor. This dish is simple but bursting with flavor. If you are skilled enough to eat this with the chopsticks at your place-setting then you are my hero.
The Burrata Chesse & Fresh Peaches was like caprese salad on steroids. It consists of Wenatchee yellow peaches, Deerfield heirloom tomatoes, rocket green, burrito, and topped with balsamic. This is the owners favorite dish and it’s obvious why.
The ingredients are locally sourced and the tomatoes and peaches are both fresh as can be. The Burrata cheese is soft with a mild flavor and adds just the right creamy texture to this light citrus dish. I tried to recreate this dish at home and it didn’t hold a candle to chef Ian’s.


I was so close to stopping there, but I am so glad I tried one more dish. The 36 Hour Char Siu Pork Belly. 36 Hour Char Siu?! Now that’s some serious marination. Killing me. This dish is gluten free, as are many at Table 13. The meat was tender and topped with brown mustard seed with a sriracha cucumber sauce served on a bed of lentils.
It’s a great combination of chewy and creamy with a little spice. This was the most filling dish and the biggest portion size, but trust me, you’ll still want to order a second dish… and maybe a third.


If you’re still hungry after trying some of their tapas, check out their dessert menu, I’ve heard the “Rolos” is pretty popular.
The atmosphere at Table 13 is fun and romantic. You can cozy up in a tall, leather booth or choose one of the long shared tables and mingle with your neighbors. It has a fresh urban/contemporary design and it is meant to be enjoyed as a nice night out, so treat yourself.
Let’s just say that Table 13 lives up to its hotels name: Grand.

 Dinner & Late Night only
Tuesday-Thursday: 5-9 pm
Friday & Saturday: 5-10 pm
Table 13- Davenport Grand Hotel (10 S Post Street, Spokane, WA / 509.455.8888)