Culinary quality + experience. From our family to yours.

Is your favorite thing to make for dinner reservations? We’ve been there… and we are still there many nights but over the last few years I’ve found such a love for cooking! I love the challenge. I love the science. I love the gratification. I love knowing what goes into my food. I love shopping for fresh ingredients. I love working for hours on something and getting to enjoy it with the people I love.

As my cooking skills have improved, so has my need for new tools & gadgets to simplify and improve my recipes.

Whether you’re an amateur cook or an expert, The Kitchen Engine has something for you! From aprons to knives, pots & pans to spices, BBQ essentials to bakeware, and that’s just the beginning! Let’s just say, goodbye Amazon, hello Kitchen Engine because they have all of the essentials you need to create your favorite recipes and you’ll be supporting a local family following their dream!


Eric Frickle, owner of The Kitchen Engine had a long-time dream to own and operate a family business close to where he grew up. When his parents approached him about collaborating to open TKE in the heart of Spokane, his dream came true. With each passing year, the community, partnership, and support has confirmed that this is exactly where Eric and The Kitchen Engine are supposed to be.

We got the chance to sit down and chat with Eric about his experience over the years. When asked about his feelings when he got the opportunity to take over TKE he said, “I was young and dumb and my dad wasn’t and I wanted to learn from him. I knew nothing about the industry, but I did know about customer service and I knew that with my dad’s help, we could create something really memorable.”

Honestly, the rest is history! Erik and his family have created a truly one-of-a-kind shop in the heart of downtown. Their selection of goods, specificially LOCAL goods is UNMATCHED! They sell products from over 30 local vendors in our PNW community. In addition to their store, they’ve now expanded to a state-of-the-art kitchen for a variety of cooking classes, as well as their brand new café serving freshly brewed drinks and pastries.

Today, TKE is Spokane’s premier kitchen store for top quality culinary necessities, foodie gifts, kitchen gadgets, cookware, appliances, pantry items, and more in the greater Spokane area and beyond. It is the “go-to” kitchen store for everyone, from the home cook to the well-seasoned chef. Our employees are an extension of our family and provide both excellent customer service and thorough product knowledge so that each and every customer can know that they’re taken care of and our top priority.


What are kitchen tools without the knowledge and hands-on experience to make the best use of them? As a continuation of and compliment to what theier store has to offer, TKE hosts cooking classes and food demonstrations in their brand-new, STUNNING Culinary Kitchen Classroom. Local chefs and cooks help casual food enthusiasts discover their inner chefs in a fully equipped, modern kitchen.

They currently employ around 10 chefs, with plans to double that in the near future. Their cooking classes are the ultimate date night, girls night, unique gift idea, or just a great way to brush up your skills and impress your family/guests! The new kitchen space Is set up to balance having a classroom space big enough to serve the customer, but small enough to keep that intimate feel. “We wanted it to feel like you were cooking inside someone’s kitchen”, Eric said.


June 27 – Ice Cream Basics with Chef Renee

June 29 – Healthy Weeknight Meals with Karmen

June 30 – Street Food with Jamie

July 12 – Sweet & Savory Galettees with Kristi

July 15 – Steak 101 with Al Batson

July 18 – Cheat Curry Class

July 19 – The Tofu Transformation with Jamie

July 26 – Happy Hour Bites with Kristi

July 27 – Farm to Table with Jamie

Get more detail and sign up here:


Savor excellent coffees, teas, craft drinks, brews, and bites at their brand new Café where they feature local roasters, brewers, vintners, and crafters.

Community is often built around the dinner table, and a cup of coffee or tea can be the stimulus for new and old human connections. At the Café inside The Kitchen Engine (TKE), they take quality, thoughtfulness, and intention seriously when it comes to the brews and bites we offer.

Each coffee, tea, and refreshing drink is just what the conductor ordered, and most can be purchased to enjoy and even brew at home, along with corresponding brew equipment. Learn more about the espresso machines that we have for home use, and maybe pull a shot while you wait for your Café order. Or pick up a pound of locally-roasted coffee to gift to friend or family.

Again, their focus on supporting local makers is unmatched:

  • They get most of their tea from revival
  • Coffee robotto makes their infamous chai
  • They incorporate side hustle syrups
  • Caramel kitchen bourbon caramel is used in their signature latte
  • Merchants craft sparkling water can be found in their fridge!

As for pastries, you can enjoy many fresh baked cookies, bars, and muffins from Rind & Wheat, as well as sandwiches and charcuterie boxes. Another local favorite, macarons from Mi Flavour that taste as delicious as they look!

p.s. they’re one of the ONLY spots in town to get your caffeine fix after 3pm.

Need more reasons to visit? Well, you can enjoy Free parking at the Flour Mill (they validate for customers). It also happens to be conveniently located right between the Wonder Building, the Spokane Arena, and Riverfront park so you can grab your favorite drink/snack or get some shopping in before your favorite concert at the arena or a nice walk along the Centennial trail.

Open Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm & Sunday 11am – 5pm

621 W. Mallon, Suite 416 Spokane WA 99201 // (509) 328-3335