Guest Post by Mackenzie Paige

A couple months ago, I had just finished one of the hardest shifts I’ve had in a while, as a nurse, at the hospital.  It’s the kind of night where halfway through you’re already planning where you and your coworkers will seek out the comfort of good food and conversation. I got off at 11 p.m. and the only thing I wanted was a loaded plate of nachos to share with my fellow nurses.

Whether you work late nights, party into the early morning hours or just prefer nighttime to daylight, you know Spokane isn’t exactly known for being open past 10p.m. There is nothing worse than salivating for your favorite foods and having your cravings halted by a closed sign.

So, if you’re in need of a good place to vent to your pals after a long shift, want to find solo salvation at the bottom of a nacho plate, or you’re looking to rejuvenate after a long arduous journey of bar hopping, it’s important that you have some consistent go-to’s that are reliably open when you need them.

Late Night Food Near Me Late Night Food Near Me

Having worked the kind of hours I do, going on three years now, I’ve had some time to map out my favorite spots and I’m here to save you some legwork! Here are a few of my favorites:

The Satellite Diner:

This Spokane gem has been around for a while and its not going anywhere anytime soon (over 20 years of service)! Whether I’ve spent the night painting the town red or working into the wee hours of the morning I know that this place will be here.  They are known for their early or late night breakfast and being open almost 24hrs/day.  The bartenders are known for their sassiness and friendliness and I’ve never had to wait long for my food. Their spicy Bloody Mary’s with asparagus and green beans or their strong Mimosas are my go-to’s to wash it all down. Their portions are on point and they have a welcoming comfortable diner-vibe. Depending on what time of day you go be prepared for it to be packed, especially when the bars start shutting down around town.

Late Night Food Near Me

Photo by Inlander

Dishes you can’t pass up: Their Eggs Benedict with homemade Hollandaise Sauce ($13.95) or their most popular dish the house-made Satellite Scramble ($10.95) will ‘knock your socks off’. The portion sizes are so big that I am often getting a to-go box afterwards. If you are feeling extra frisky and are craving some extra cholesterol get yourself a side of stuffed hash browns ($3.00 add-on)

Address: 425 W Sprague

Hours: M-F 7a.m.-4a.m. Sat-Sun 8a.m.-4a.m.

Atilano’s Mexican Food:

This place has four locations in Spokane, but my favorite is the downtown location because it’s open the latest. This place has a no-frills-vibe, but who is looking for frills when they are hangry? If you are there on a Taco Tuesday be prepared for it to be very busy. If you are into fast, delicious Mexican food and generous portions, then this is the place for you. And let’s be honest, who isn’t into yummy Mexican food and a lot of it?

Late Night Food Near Me

Dishes you can’t pass up: It’s hard to go wrong with the breakfast burritos, bean tostadas, or Carne Asada/Pollo Asada Nachos ($6.75) that take two to finish.  A local favorite is the ‘Idaho Fries’ ($6.75) topped with grilled chicken, beans, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, and cheese.

Address: 3624 E Sprague Ave

Hours: Vary depending on location but downtown is generally 6:30a.m.-3:00a.m.

Park Inn Bar & Grill:

Late Night Food Near Me Late Night Food Near MeLate Night Food Near Me

Most locals who frequent this place call it the P.I. It’s right across the street from Sacred Heart Medical Center and is a reliable watering hole. It is one of the oldest restaurants in Eastern Washington and holds a surprising amount of history under its roof, for instance it is one of the oldest bars in Eastern Washington. The popcorn is a great snack while you wait for your food and you will usually see us nurses getting our post-work rants on here while listening to whatever eclectic blend is popping in the jukebox. They have pizza, burgers, sandwiches, soups, and all the comforts to satisfy your late night taste buds.

Dishes you can’t pass up: Look no further than their homemade P.I. Chili )$6.75) or their gooey loaded nachos with homemade P.I chili, cheese, plus all the fix-ins’. The largest version comes on a baking tray ($7.95, $10.95, $14.95), which somehow makes them even MORE delicious.

Address: 103 W 9th Ave

Hours: All week 10a.m.-2a.m.

Borracho Tacos & Tequileria: Late Night Food Near MeLate Night Food Near Me

Wow. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about this place. Never-mind the margaritas are strong and tasty, but even better the tacos here are bomb. Don’t underestimate this place as just having average bar food because I made that mistake the first time I came here. I feel like one too many experiences of being hungry at bars and getting the equivalent of a microwaved freezer meal for $12 has made me cautious when ordering. But this place does not skimp on quality and taste when it comes to tacos. After my first bite I was ordering five more tacos. They are that good. They are small, but well priced and they turn them out quick. And of course their Taco Tuesday makes it even easier on your wallet at $1.50/taco. Also often in the summer they have live music on their patio to serenade your taco experience.

Dishes you can’t pass up: My favorite tacos are the La Lengua (beef tongue) or the Al Pastor (shredded pork). If you are up for the pain they have a 25 tacos in 30 minutes challenge for you—ask your server about it.

Address: 211 N Division

Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00a.m.-02:00a.m.

So next time you get that night time hangry or the drunchies I hope I see you out there getting your eat on!

“Mackenzie is from Spokane, graduated from WSU, and currently is working at Sacred Heart Medical Center. She has done both Cardiac Transplant and Intensive Care Unit nursing. When she isn’t trying new restaurants around town she is traveling, hiking, weight lifting, or cooking.” @mackpaigecruz

Late Night Food Near Me