At Spokane Eats, we’re passionate about discovering products that elevate not only our culinary experiences but also our overall well-being. In our journey to find the perfect balance between flavor and functionality, we stumbled upon a true local gem: Lyte Balance Electrolytes.

Picture this: you’re in the midst of a rigorous workout or exploring the great outdoors, feeling the exhilaration of pushing your limits. Suddenly, you’re hit with fatigue, muscle cramps, or a throbbing headache. What’s missing? Electrolytes – those tiny but mighty minerals that play a crucial role in keeping our bodies in harmony.

Enter Lyte Balance.

Amidst the sea of electrolyte supplements, Lyte Balance shines brightly like a beacon of hope for those seeking a clean, effective solution. Crafted with a commitment to quality and innovation, Lyte Balance sets itself apart with its balanced formulation and dedication to using only the finest natural ingredients.

Lyte balance was actually built for day-to-day hydration regardless of sweat and exertion. It is beloved by many and used simply as a means of improving general wellness and hydration.

Why we love Lyte Balance ?

1. It features 7 key electrolytes – sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, sulfate, bicarbonate and phosphorus from potassium phosphate. 

Sodium is the major mineral that lives mostly outside the cell. Potassium is the major mineral that lives mostly inside the cell. Magnesium lives on the membrane in the middle. Chloride brings water into the system. Sulfur squeezes water out of the system. Phosphorus feeds the cells and bicarbonate adds oxygen. The 3 main minerals with 4 endings give the kidney 21 possible combinations to use throughout the body covering every possible hydration need in your body. Lyte Balance hydrates you from the inside out.

2. While many electrolyte drinks are made for ‘super-sweaters’ or those who work outdoors for 2+ hours, LyteBalance is made for all of us who just want to improve our general health & wellness (without all the extra sodium)

3. LyteBalance is unflavored, unsweetened, sugar-free, preservative free. Packed with all the good and NONE of the bad!

4. It’s Fully Customizable + Mixable: SIP, STIR OR SPRINKLE

Stir it into your favorite drink : I prefer it mixed in with water with a squeeze of lime

Sprinkle it in place of salt : on top of eggs, proteins, yogurt parfait

Mix it into delicious hydrating treats : Popsicles, Smoothies

Incorporate it into your favorite recipes : tacos, guacamole, dressings & sauces

5. We consider them the O.G. Electrolye company, created long before the World Health Organization docs were published in 2015. Tim (lead chemist at Lyte Balance) has been making electrolytes for 42 years and the company gained traction back in 2008.

6. Lytebalance is totally safe for our kids & pets! My kids love requesting their ‘vitamin water’ before bed and I often mix it into recipes the whole family enjoys.

7. Precision Formulation: Lyte Balance Electrolytes are meticulously crafted to mirror the electrolyte balance found within our bodies. This careful blend ensures rapid absorption and efficient replenishment, allowing you to conquer your day with vigor and vitality.

7. At Lyte Balance, they encourage each customer to listen to your body and your needs. Everyone needs different amounts of minerals and they recommend starting with a mineral test kit to figure out what your body is deficient in. The goal with lyte balance is to add a capful to your glass of water and if you don’t taste it, keep adding until you get a mild salty taste. For me it was three cap-fulls. For some it is one. Once you begin to taste it, that’s your perfect balance and you’ll begin to crave it!

9. It’s made right here in Liberty Lake and can be purchased online or at a variety of local shops like: PilgrimsMy Fresh BasketHuckleberriesMain Market and more!

In a world inundated with health fads and fleeting trends, Lyte Balance Electrolytes are a breath of fresh air. We’re hooked on the greatness of these unflavored, customizable electrolytes and have found endless ways to incorporate them into our daily routine.

Gone are the days of being “over watered and under salted”! Join us in embracing a lifestyle of vitality and vigor, fueled by the pure goodness of Lyte Balance. Elevate your performance, elevate your life – it’s time to unleash your full potential with Lyte Balance Electrolytes. Cheers to health, happiness, and hydration!

This post was created in partnership with Lyte Balance.