At a typical dentist appointment, you check in, go back to the chair, get your teeth cleaned, maybe some x-rays, then you’re done. Not at Snyder Family Dental!

You’ll start your visit with a friendly welcome from their knowledgeable staff. Then, choose from one of their many comfort amenities like a beverage, blanket, phone charger, fidget cube, stress ball, or even nitrous oxide gas!

Once you’re in the doctor’s chair, you’ll receive a comprehensive oral evaluation, including an oral cancer screening, dental and periodontal analysis, head and neck exam, a complimentary cosmetic evaluation, X-ray’s (as needed), nutritional diet evaluation, and personalized oral hygiene instructions.

They literally re-taught me how to brush and floss my teeth, which may sound so silly, but it was nice to get a refresher course and implement some new techniques. Pro tip: If you’re using an electric toothbrush like a sonicare, you aren’t meant to brush, but instead glide the tip over each tooth to massage the inner then outer gums. Also, did you know you’re supposed to floss behind your back tooth where it just meets gum? Mind blown!


Snyder family dental teaches prevention, prevention, prevention! Dr. Snyder says that if he’s doing his job right, patients shouldn’t need a lot of extra work done. Him and his staff work hard to teach patients how to take better care of their teeth so they can avoid bigger problems. This is usually done by providing tools for proper at home care.

They really want patients to have the best dental education so you can take care or your oral health. Once you’ve learned better dental care techniques, Dr. Snyder can take it a step further to make sure you keep those cavities away, with sealants and x-rays.

Speaking of sealants, similar to my dance moves, my teeth are extra groovy. (Ok, that was dumb, I know). What this means is that it can be difficult to avoid cavities since there are so many nooks and crannies to keep clean. In hopes to avoid cavities on a couple of my extra groovy teeth, Dr. Snyder recommended sealants.

Now, you’ve probably heard of sealants from when you were a child, but I didn’t realize that they’re beneficial for adults too! “According to the Surgeon General’s report on oral health, sealants have been shown to reduce tooth decay (cavities) by more than 70%!”. Dr. Snyder went on to explain that these make excellent sense for adults in my position. The sealants were completely painless & now I can go on with my life not having to worry about cavities on many of my teeth!


Like I mentioned, when you visit the dentist you’re typically in and out and all you learn is if you have a problem or not.

This is far from the case at Snyder Family Dental. They go above and beyond and share a variety of tips and tricks catered to you and your habits. For example, I’m an avid diet coke drinker. Now, before you get on your soapbox, I know it is bad for me and I’m trying to quit but that’s another story for another day. Anyways, Dr. Snyder broke down why drinking things like soda, coffee, red wine, etc. are harmful to our teeth.

I learned that every time we consume something with a low PH (or something acidic), it can cause tooth decay because the acid breaks down the enamel on our teeth. He says that it takes a half hour after consuming these acidic food/beverages for our teeth to return to their neutral PH level.

Dr. Snyder then recommended that if I’m going to have a Diet Coke (which I really appreciated his lack of judgement), I should have it with a meal or as a quick pick-me-up instead of sipping on it for hours. If you are sipping all day, the beverage keeps your mouth down in the level where teeth start to break down which can be a huge cause of cavities. The same tip applies to other acidic food and beverages.

He then went further to show me a diagram of various kinds of bottled water. This image shows that Dasani water is almost as acidic as coke! Again, MIND BLOWN! Let’s just say I’ll definitely keep this graphic handy for next time I’m buying bottled water.


This point kind of encompasses both preventative care and tips & tricks that we have already covered, but I felt the need to include it because they go beyond the simple conversations and really work hard to make sure that patients leave their office feeling like they know a little more about their oral health than when they walked in the door.

In addition to teaching new practices, photo diagrams, and taking the time to explain things to their patients, the team at Snyder Family Dental also writes informative articles that can be found on their website. They cover topics like ‘How to Brush your teeth’, ‘Flouride and how it helps our teeth’, ‘What are sugary drinks doing to your teeth’, ‘Do I really need to brush my teeth for 2 minutes twice a day’, and more! Thanks to articles like these, you can stay informed in between your office visits.


The team at Snyder Family Dental works hard to get involved with a variety of community activities throughout the year. In addition, they plan some of their own activities to benefit their patients and community members.

This year, we participated in their Halloween Candy Buy Back Program where Kids bring their extra or unwanted Halloween candy to receive a SWAG bag plus $1 for every pound of candy donated. All of the collected candy is then sent to our Nation’s awesome servicemen and women. I love this event! It’s a win, win.

They also host a special Patient Appreciation Night complete with food, games, and fun. These are just a couple ways that the staff at Dr. Snyder’s office go the extra mile to create a really special community inside and outside the office.


Office services include: Cosmetic Dentistry, Invisalign, Crowns & Bridges, Cleanings & Exams, Sports Dentistry, Implants, Whitening, Gum Infection Therapy, Night Guards.

The staff at Snyder Family Dental wants their patients to have a first-class experience at our office, so they do everything they can to provide just that. Their waiting room has complimentary coffee, water, hot chocolate, and tea along with the local paper, magazines and books for you to read. If Nintendo is your thing, they have that too. For younger children they have blocks, coloring supplies, and books in their designated children’s area.

6. Wellness Plan

No Insurance, No Problem.

The staff at Snyder Family Dental noticed that many patients were requested a ‘Wellness Plan’, aka a way to receive dental care without paying hefty insurance rates, so they now provide one.

It is important to note that this is not insurance and it is not transferrable or applicable at any other dental provider. This plan satisfies the voucher provision of Washington state insurance law. State law prohibits the prepayment of medical or dental services. So, at your first appointment, you pay for all of your services at full price. For example, if you had an exam, X-rays, a cleaning and fluoride, you would pay $366. Then at the end of your appointment, you will receive a voucher for your remaining yearly preventative services at the cost of the difference between the total cost of the plan ($379) and the amount you paid ($366). You next preventative appointment will cost $13.

The Snyder Family Dental Wellness Plan is designed to provide affordable and more accessible quality dental care. By joining you will save up to 50% on the diagnostic & preventive dental services below as well as 15% off any other dental care provided in this office, 50% off panoramic X-rays, and 10% off Invisalign. The best part is there are no yearly maximum, deductible, claim forms, pre-authorization requirements or preexisting condition limitations or waiting periods!

You can view all of the Wellness Plan information including pricing, packages, and guidelines here: https://www.snydersmile.com/wellness-plan.

So, if you’re looking for a Spokane dentist that will teach preventative care, share tips and tricks, educate you on best practices, improve his/her community, offer added comfort during your appointment (pillow, blanket, etc.), and provide a wellness plan so you can visit with or without dental insurance, then look no further. I can confidently recommend Dr. Snyder and his team knowing that they will take care of their patients. For more information on Snyder Family Dental, visit their site: https://www.snydersmile.com/

This post was created in partnership with Snyder Family Dental