Who knew that cooking your own meal could be so much fun? The Melting Pot is a unique fondue restaurant and provides the ultimate interactive dining experience by giving the customers control. The Melting Pot is most well-known for their four-course experience, which includes a cheese fondue, salad, entrée and dessert fondue. We opted for the four-course experience not only because that’s what they are most famous for, but c’mon.. YUM! But, you are not required to do the entire four-course experience and can mix-and-match from anything on their menu. 

The Melting Pot’s bread and butter is special occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries or romantic date nights. Lovers’ Lane is an exclusive area of the restaurant where couples can reserve private rooms complete with rose bouquets, wine and candles. So (*wink wink*) to boyfriends, fiancés or husbands out there who want to wow their special someone.

Spokane's Most Romantic RestaurantSpokane's Most Romantic Restaurant

But, the Melting Pot is a great place to grab a bite on the not-so-special, ordinary occasions. Along with specialty lunch menus on Saturday and Sunday, the restaurant is now offering “Fondue and a Show.” For $35, you can enjoy your choice of cheese fondue, salad, chocolate fondue and a blank AMC movie ticket!

They will also be offering a Summer Special featuring a sangria flight for $15 or the sangria flight with the fruit and cheese platter for $22.95. If that’s not good enough, they will also have summer dine for $29 going on throughout the summer: cheese, salad, and an entree for only $29 per person!

Spokane's Most Romantic Restaurant Spokane's Most Romantic Restaurant

When you first arrive, you are seated a table with a burner (or two) that is used to cook your meals. For the cheese and dessert courses, you must decide as a table which type of fondue to share amongst yourselves, and each person is given their own portion of dippers. The entrée course is essentially the same: the table picks a type of cooking style and everyone chooses their own entrees to cook. 

For the cheese course, we chose the loaded baked potato cheddar. With aged cheddar, sour cream, potatoes, bacon and scallions, the loaded baked potato was by far our favorite. If you want a little extra kick, add jalapeños! All cheese fondues come with artisan breads and seasonal fruits & veggies for dipping, or in my case you can just eat it by the spoonful.

Spokane's Most Romantic Restaurant Spokane's Most Romantic Restaurant

Next, we had the California salad with candied pecans, gorgonzola and housemade raspberry walnut vinaigrette. It was a light, fresh, welcome intermission from all the (delicious) fondue. 

To prepare our entrée, we ordered two different cooking styles: Coq au vin and bourguinonne. The Coq au vin is a wine based, and is seasoned with spices and mushrooms. The classic fondue cooking style, the bourguinonne, is canola oil, and comes with tempura batter & panko as breading for your entrees. We ordered the steak lovers for our entrée. Staying true to the promise of an interactive dining experience, all three cuts of meat came to the table completely raw. Our server gave specific directions like how long each bite-sized piece should be cooked for and the best techniques to craft your own meal.

Spokane's Most Romantic Restaurant Spokane's Most Romantic Restaurant Spokane's Most Romantic Restaurant

Last but definitely not least was the chocolate fondue. The flaming turtle is milk chocolate, caramel and candied pecans that is lit on fire at your table! Sticking to its name, the yin & yang was a split of white and dark chocolate that was perfectly balanced. A variety of fruits and sweet treats are provided to soak up all the chocolatey goodness. We made it a challenge to see who could get the most chocolate on their dipper. I’d highly recommend this tactic.

Spokane's Most Romantic RestaurantSpokane's Most Romantic Restaurant Spokane's Most Romantic RestaurantSpokane's Most Romantic Restaurant Spokane's Most Romantic Restaurant

Regardless of your reason for visiting the Melting Pot, there is one thing that I can guarantee to all who visit: you will make lasting memories with those whom you dine with. We spent almost three hours at the Melting Pot, but the time flew by. We genuinely enjoyed the entire experience. The Melting Pot provides not only a high-quality, delicious meal but an amazing experience to enjoy with friends, family and loved ones. 

The Melting Pot (707 West Main Avenue, 2nd Floor, Spokane, WA / 509.926.8000)

This post was created in collaboration with Melting Pot Spokane. All opinions are our own.