I freaking love y’all. I mentioned that I was a little anxious for labor & delivery as it’s approaching in the next two weeks, and SO many of you delivered with the best tips and advice to help ease my fears! I compiled some of my favorite messages and listed them below. It was way too good not to share the wealth!


  • Go in with no expectations other than meeting your little babe and just enjoy it
  • Let your husband be involved (if he wants to be)
  • It’s worth it! The pain won’t last forever, but the love you have will
  • Don’t waste your energy
  • Have an advocate
  • Drink raspberry leaf tea
  • Exercise balls, warm baths, heat packs on your back and walk around while in labor
  • Eat before or on the way to the hospital because usually they won’t let you eat during active labor
  • I tried to do 100 squats a day and had my baby in three hours from first contraction to delivery
  • Trust your body! Move where it says to move, pee when you have to pee, even if it’s on the floor
  • Preload a playlist that calms you, practice deep breaths to exhale the tension and pain
  • Prenatal Yoga – recommend Harmony Yoga with Neely Sadden
  • Bring slippers and if you get hot ask the nurses for a fan
  • Save any cute custom gown for after delivery
  • Things may not go according to your plans and that’s ok
  • Go into labor/delivery with an open mind
  • See if the lactation consultant can work with you right away after delivery
  • Don’t listen to any of the horror stories
  • Pack jolly ranchers- you typically can’t eat and they help when you’re starving
  • Be prepared for unexpected contractions while nursing the first time
  • Instant skin on skin will help your milk supply
  • Relax and focus on one thing… breathing
  • Dim lights
  • Bring a comfort item that soothes you
  • Get the epidural & breatheeee
  • Remember that your sweet babe is just around the corner.
  • Let go of all your expectations
  • Make sure you bring hair ties and chapstick
  • Get the epidural before anything else
  • No amount of books or classes prepare you but the parental instincts are strong and kick in quickly
  • Bring your nurses treats!
  • Ice chips… lots of ice chips
  • Take a bath, it helps with contractions
  • Eat dates to help with labor
  • Push when you feel ready, not just when you’re at 10cm
  • Bring meals to the hospital, not just snacks.
  • You’ve got this!


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