Brain Freeze Creamery won the “Best of Inlander” Ice Cream award in 2014 & 2015. At first I thought it was a little biased, seeing that The Inlander office is right across the street from them… but then I tasted their ice cream. Brain freeze used to only sell their ice cream wholesale, to restaurants in the area. About three years ago they opened shop in Kendall Yards and the rest is history.

They serve coffee, breakfast, lunch, and of course, ice cream. Brain Freeze is busiest at night and in the summer time but they also draw in a good crowd in the morning for coffee and breakfast. They are open at 7 am on weekdays and 8 am on weekends.



Brain freeze prides themselves on the quality of their product. They use all natural flavors and colors (with the exception of their bubble gum- the bubble gum comes colored and their Seahawks blue flavor) They make their waffle cones daily. They also offer shakes and malts. I loled when I saw their “Name Brand Cookie (without all the trademark infringement)” flavor. Aka Cookies and creme.

When the Brain Freeze employee was telling me about their scrambled egg in a cone, I knew I had to try it. It’s a genius idea. How is this not available at all ice cream shops!? We ordered the “everything breakfast” which pretty much included everything you can get in a scrambled egg. Lots of cheese, peppers, bacon, more cheese, yeah… SO GOOD. It was sweet and savory at its finest. Any meal that I don’t HAVE to use silverware is a win in my book.


For the shake we got banana pudding complete with thick real banana chunks mixed with their chocolate fudge. It was such a good combination! It was full of banana and their homemade brownie chunks but they were ground up just enough not to clog up the straw. They make all their cookies and brownies they use in their ice cream flavors themselves.

We also tried the Palouse Crunch with red lentils, cinnamon almonds and honey. Their vegan coconut lime was nothing like I expected it to be. It tasted like a creamy sorbet and it was surprisingly delicious! I always go for the strangest flavors I can find. They were both AMAZING. Not mixed. I had to be careful not to get both flavors in the same lick, but that was my fault for mixing them. They are extremely generous with their scoops. My cone had to have weighed a couple pounds.


Their most popular flavors are the affogato and salted caramel. Some other favorites include the rastachio and their coconut milk vegan flavors. Their sorbets are water-based so those are vegan options as well. They try to always offer around 4 vegan options: 2 made with coconut milk and 2 sorbets.

All of their ice cream is made at their creamery, located in the valley.  They still sell to some local restaurants like Anthony’s, Bruttles, etc. They sell their ice cream by the pint and you can even order it in a 3 gallon bucket size if you contact the creamery directly. If you have been dreaming of a specific ice cream flavor, you can request it at the creamery and they will create it just for you!


They serve breakfast all day, you just have to know to ask for it. Their most popular sandwich choices are their “makin’ bacon” and “pesto chicken”. Brain Freeze is opening a new location on the South Hill (1230 S Grand Blvd). All of their food is made in-house from scratch. They crack the eggs and slice the veggies themselves so you can always be sure you are eating fresh ingredients. There are a variety of gluten-free options and all of their ice cream is egg-free.

Look out for the new Brain Freeze ice cream truck called “cupcake” at various food truck rallies around the Spokane area. They also offer catering options for weddings, events, parties, etc.

I was so so pleased with my experience here. Staff was very friendly and helpful, the venue is nice and clean, they have outdoor seating, located in prime spot in Kendall Yards, and the ice cream and food was killer. Thanks for having us, Brain Freeze!




Brain Freeze Creamery (1238 W Summit Pkwy // 509.321.7569)