Luna makes me want to get married again so I can have a bridal shower on their patio. This venue is absolutely STUNNING. From their front entrance covered in greenery, their light blue colors, their Wisteria tree in perfect bloom, their open terrace, garden room, chicken coop, you get the picture… Luna is one of the most gorgeous fine-dining spots in Spokane.

Inside the front entrance you are greeted by their open kitchen concept, dreamy copper pans and fresh loaves of bread for sale. Luna has been open since 1992 and they were recently taken over by new owners about a year ago. If you look at the bar area, there is chalkboard art covering the walls with the owners wedding date enscribed. They were married at Luna last year and they decided to keep their wedding artwork. This just ads to the character and local ownership vibes at Luna.


If you look below in the main entrance, there is a glass floor and you can see their wine cellar in the basement. They have around 5,000 types of wine. There is plenty of outdoor seating for these beautiful spring/summer days. One thing that I have yet to try is their pizza. They have a large pizza oven where they wood fire their pizza crust and some of their other dishes.

They are very popular during their weekend brunch hours, as well as during dinner hours. I prefer Luna for lunch date with the girls. You can host parties and events in their private rooms.

Next door to Luna they own the property that is now their small garden and bakery. They grow their own fruits and vegetables and they have a chicken coop. Talk about farm-to-table. They have apple and pear trees that will be ripening soon and they will incorporate these fruits into their salads and desserts. In addition, they garnish almost all of their dishes with flowers they have picked fresh from their grounds.


We started our meal with their Prawn salad. This cucumber wrapped dish was a delight! It was stuffed with prawn, apple, teragon, in a light yogurt sauce with a kick. Sided with lemon gel and topped with water crest and pansy from their garden. This is not on the menu yet but it will be introduced soon. It was light and fresh. A great Spring appetizer.

Next, we had the Lunch Salmon dish. This was the best salmon I have had in a LONG time. They typically order wild salmon but it is not in good condition right now so this salmon is from a farm in Canada that practices natural methods to create the best, healthy salmon. It was pan seared in brown butter until nice and cooked then they finish it off in the oven, without flipping, to keep it juicy but rid the fishy taste. This dish was atop lentils, pickled kale, carrots in a mustard cream sauce. The dinner salmon is very similar but it is served with gnocci.

The chef is very excited about his curried cauliflower dish, and after trying it, I see why. It is a different take on a mundane vegetable. He keeps it fresh and in its original form. He uses the head as a base and cuts pieces of cauliflower to top the head. He cooks the vegetable in brown butter, hazelnut, adds curry powder and finishes it off in their pizza oven for that nice fiery flavor. The cauliflower stays firm and he tops it with cauliflower couscous and golden raisins, soaked in juice. Dan was telling him he doesnt even like raisins but couldn’t stop eating these. The chef said that “raisins are grapes without a soul”, but somehow he made them work. That’s talent. This dish was also topped with water crest which adds a minty flavor if desired. Mustard seed and lemon finished this dish off nicely. The chef’s goal was to make a vegetarian dish flavorful, instead of your typical salad. Well chef, you succeeded.


Now for my favorite part: dessert. The pastry chef is well trained and looks at his pastry making as an art form. His Madeleine’s looked as madelines should look. The ambiance, flavor, and presentation had me feeling like I was sitting in a French cafe…. if only. These madeline had perfect humps, were fluffy, and full of citrus flavor. They like to use citrus shavings that they have/are in season. This mixture had some grapefruit, tangerine, kumquat, and lemon. They are using this madeline recipe to replace their Bignettes since these work better for a summer dish.

I read about their infamous Coconut cake, featured in “Bon Appetite” Magazine years ago. They used this famous recipe for 15 years and they have recently been trying something new. That is something great about Luna. They are always innovating and trying new things to make themselves more unique and special. I never tried the old recipe so I can’t comment on that, but their new coconut cake was different than expected. The base layer is coconut cake and its topped with a custard-like frosting, (call me basic, but i prefer buttercream frosting) with lemon curd to add a citrus element that helps to cut through the coconut. It is topped with vanilla bean ice cream.

They recently started using some new plates made by a local potter called KJ Pottery. They are currently testing them out and they are gorgeous. I love the use of a local potter. Let’s keep our money in Spokane, right? They even have a cute cursive “L” logo engraved on the plates. Straight gorgeous.



Tell them “Spokaneeats” sent you.

Luna (5620 S Perry St, Spokane, WA // 509.448.2383)


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