Queen of Sheba is about so much more than food. It’s an experience you’ll never forget. You use the sponge-like bread (injera) as silverware by pinching meat and veggies with the injera. SO MUCH FUN! The food is full of flavor but not too crazy for American taste buds. Expect some spice but don’t let that scare you because you can cater your meal to your spice preferences. I’d recommend ordering family style and sharing a meat and veggie combo, that way you get to try a variety of their dishes.

From their website:

“Our menu contains a true representation of authentic Ethiopian food. Our dream was to bring these unique and tasty culinary creations to the people of Spokane, along with the rich communal dining experience that is part of everyday life in Ethiopia.”

“If you have never tried authentic Ethiopian food before, you are in for quite a treat. Ethiopian food is richly flavorful and unique. We use fresh vegetables, high-quality meats and signature spice blends in our dishes, and we prepare them in an authentic way.
In addition to our fresh, flavorful dishes, you can also have a truly authentic Ethiopian dining experience at Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Cuisine. Enjoy tasty meals from our menu in a communal setting with friends and family. We serve the food on large platters with a typical flat bread called injera. We recommend eating in the traditional way- with your hands. Tear off a piece of Injera and wrap the food in it. (Injera- Sourdough flavor)”
We started with the Chicken Sambussa and Spicy Fried Chick Peas. The Sambussa was stuffed full of shredded chicke. There were no air bubbles or pockets without meat. They didn’t have a lot of spice, as expected, but they were fresh and simple. The Roasted Chickpeas were hot hot hot (temperature not spice) and they stay hot. They had a Cinnamon flavor which made them sweet with a little bit of a kick from some ethiopian spice.
We ordered the Veggie Combo to split so we could try 4 different dishes. One was made with lentils, one chickpeas, one with traditional Ethipoian spices, and one was a potato/carrot/cabbage mixture. (Yatakilt Alicha: Potatoes, carrots, & cabbage delicately sautéed with onions, garlic, ginger, & tumeric Yemishir Kik We’t: Split Red Lentils cooked in berbere sauce Shiro: Ground Chick-Peas mildly spiced and slow cooked with chopped onions & tomatoes Yaterkik Alicha: Yellow Split-Peas cooked with tumeric, garlic, onions, & garlic) This is the best way to try a lot of their signature dishes at once. We also added Beef tibs, which can be seen in the middle of our spread. These were my favorite part because they had such a great flavor and were mixed with peppers and rosemary. I was worried the meat would be really fatty but I didn’t have one bad piece. It is sliced thin to make it easy to dip and roll up in your injera.
This dessert was a nice surprise that the owner brought out for us. I was SO full, but who can turn down free dessert… not me. It was a traditional ethiopian dessert made from a sweet roll drenched in coconut, sugary sauce. The sauce was thin and not too sweet with just a slight hint of coconut flavor. I might have had a couple spoonfulls of just the sauce… but I don’t know… I can’t remember. 🙂
I guarantee you wont regret trying this place. Queen of Sheba is about more than food, it’s an experience you’ll never forget!