The Globe Bar and Kitchen is a Spokane establishment known for their cocktails, dancing and nightlife. But, their new menu featuring, “internationally-inspired pub fare”, is impressive enough to put them on the map in the Spokane culinary scene.

This new and improved menu is creative, delicious and totally Instagram-worthy. To start, we began with what the Globe is known for: drinks! We ordered a variety of delicious drinks (and a lavender lemonade for me) but the star of the show was the Lavender Whiskey Sour. Made with bourbon, lavender syrup, lemon juice and an ice cube infused with lavender buds. The drink was refreshing, fragrant, and had just the right touch of sweetness.

After arousing our appetite, we began trying the Globe’s creative new menu. Their menu is inspired by food around the world (get it?) and it’s divided into four categories: Italian, Mexican, Southern and Pan-Asian. We were able to try several dishes from each menu, and let me tell you, our culinary trip around the world was nothing short of delightful.

Our overall favorite dish was the Pad Thai Fries. The fries tasted just like the classic Thai dish but with a tavern twist. The crispy house-cut curly fries were tossed in dehydrated peanut butter and topped with bean sprouts, crushed peanuts, cilantro, Sriracha and hoisin sauce.

If you are looking for the ideal appetizer, look no further than the Globe’s cornbread. The sweet and savory loaf came in slices that were perfect for sharing- complete with three different types of butter (strawberry ginger, roasted garlic and truffle and BBQ) and blueberry jalapeño jelly!

Another dish we were drooling over was the Porchetta sausage. The house-made, hand-ground pork shoulder and belly shoulder is infused with rosemary, garlic and fennel. It is served on an Italian roll with roasted peppers and pickled red onions. The sausage was juicy and perfectly complimented by the crisp, soft roll and pickled toppings.

The Globe Bar and Kitchen is way more than just a nightclub. They offer delicious drinks, great food and a fun, relaxed environment during the day. Let us know when you try our their new menu, and don’t forget to tell their staff that we sent you!

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri From 3pm to 6pm
All Day Sunday


(Globe Bar & Kitchen 204 N Division St, Spokane, WA // 509.443.4104)