Cinnamon Rolls bring up fond memories for me. Maybe it’s because when I think of any holiday, special occasion, or any type of celebration, I primarily think of food. Anyone else?

Seriously though, when I was growing up, cinnamon rolls were a regular part of my life. Every Sunday, I would wake up to the smell of fresh-baked bread getting slathered with cream cheese and a brown-sugar cinnamon glaze. It was a family tradition to enjoy these big, fluffy & soft rolls at the breakfast table together. While this family tradition was dreamy as a kid, I am now searching for the best cinnamon rolls in Spokane that I can bring back home to my family. I’ll cut to the chase and give you the list. Be sure to let us know if there are any we missed!

Old European | 509-467-5987 | 7640 N Division

“Spokane’s Best Breakfast” does not disappoint when it comes to sweets. To fix your craving, head to Old European and try their cream cheese or caramel cinnamon rolls. PS, the rest of their breakfast menu shouldn’t be slept on—you might want to come on an empty stomach.

Crimson Hearth |509-598-8927 | 11003 E Sprague

Drive-thru cinnamon rolls? Yes please. Pair your roll with a coffee for only $5, or enjoy their famous, fresh-pressed OJ for just $2 extra. Their regular rolls are to die for, but keep your eyes out for their seasonal rolls. Some of my favorite specialties are eggnog and maple glaze cream cheese.

The Mason Jar | 509-359-8052 | 101 F Street, Cheney

It’s certainly worth the drive to head out to Cheney and experience a Mason Jar cinnamon roll. Grab your besties and head to this seasonal, sustainable bistro & bakeshop to enjoy a cinnie and tasty latte.

Maple Street Bistro | 509-328-0473 | 5520 N. Maple St

Head to Maple Street Bistro and grab a perfectly spiraled, sweet roll with warm nutmeg and cinnamon coating the inside layers, covered in a caramel, maple, pecan topping. Made fresh and from scratch every day!

Terre Coffee | 208-262-8111 | Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene locations

One of Terre Coffee’s seven core values is “Positive and Healthy” –they are continually looking for the highest quality ingredients to keep their products delicious and preservative-free. Grab a “guilt-free” cinnamon roll and Carmelo latte from their Post Falls or Coeur d’Alene locations.

Little Garden Café | 509-328-5500 | 2901 W Northwest Blvd

Little Garden Café’s cinnamon rolls are large and in charge. Choose from their two locations for dine in (Audubon and Whitworth) and get ready to chow down on some tasty breakfast or lunch.

Garden Coffee & Local Eats | 509-315-8612 | 213 S University Rd #1

Freshly baked rolls with house-made cream cheese – what more could you ask for? Grab their take & bake Cinnamon Rolls to bring home and make the whole family happy. Need Gluten-Free? They have those too!

Chaps | 509-624-4182 | 4237 Cheney Road

Chaps—It’s where people gather to eat fresh, delicious food & drink strong coffee. While my favorite breakfast item is usually the oatmeal, Celeste and her team also know how to make a killer cinnamon roll.

Clark’s Fork | 509-960-8962 | 1028 N Hamilton St Suite 100

Clark’s Fork has cinnamon rolls bigger than your face. Seriously. Stop by to pick up their fresh-baked rolls with either traditional icing or their frosted cream cheese. Try their caramel and caramel almond rolls for a different take on the classic cinnamon roll.

Outlaw BBQ | 509-868-0260 | 4429 West Wellesley Ave

Casual and formal event catering, scratch-made BBQ, full bar, and… cinnamon rolls? Yep- that’s right. Not only does Outlaw have heavenly, southern BBQ, they are also experts in baked goods and cinnamon rolls. All desserts are baked from scratch and are guaranteed to fulfill your breakfast craving.

The Shop | 509-534-1647 | 924 South Perry Street

With gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options, the Shop on Perry has it all. Grab one of their scratch-made rolls with a coffee from their walk-up bar, and you’re set to have a good day.

The Rocket Bakery | 509-456-3534 | Various Locations

This locally-owned coffee shop is the perfect location to sit and do some work or catch up with friends. Enjoy the original or sweet pecan cinnamon roll at one of their many locations across Spokane.

The Cottage Café | 509-928-8888 | 6902 E Appleway Blvd

Cottage Café is an old-school American eatery with a patio serving all-day breakfast & lunch fare, plus soups & salads. My favorite offering, of course, is their creamy, warm cinnamon roll. Make yourself popular and take a few extras home for your family.

The Meeting House |509-443-3971 | 1801 E 11th Ave

At the Meeting House, you can work or hang out with your neighbors and friends. While eating your morning cinnamon roll and drinking your hot cup of Joe, you can also give back to essential healthcare workers; The  Meeting House will match every dollar donated, and every dollar will be used to provide coffee to our essential healthcare workers at our local hospitals and care facilities.

Madeline’s | 509-624-2253 | 415 W Main Ave

Fluffy, gooey, goodness. That sums up Madeline’s Cinnamon rolls. Grab a roll with clouds of cream cheese frosting. You won’t regret visiting this factory-chic patisserie with tasty French pastries. If cinnamon is not your thing, their orange roll is TO DIE FOR!

Let us know your favorite place to grab your morning cinnamon roll & cup of Joe in the comments!

XOXO, The Spokane Eats Team