Dockside has the view you hope to see when you visit Coeur D’Alene Resort. Along with a stunning view, you get unique food (seafood is most impressive), beautifully presented, friendly environment (restaurant & resort staff), and a “gooey”. Located on the first floor of Coeur D’Alene Resort, Dockside is easily accessible through the main lobby and they offer free parking in the covered garage.

We started off with their salad bar and Northwest Salmon Cakes as appetizers. How gorgeous is that presentation?! For the main course, the beer battered halibut fish n’ chips were some of the best I’ve had. You could taste the fresh breading and the fish was flakey and pure white. I loved their tartar sauce. It was lighter and less creamy with a perfect sour- with a kick of onion- flavor. Dan got the turkey avocado melt (I’m rationing his red meat intake :)) and he liked it a lot but wished he would have asked for no cranberry sauce… picky boy.




Below is what we call a “gooey” and they are world famous for a reason. We ordered their “Coeur D’Alene Anniversary Gooey” with cake batter ice cream, chunks of brownies and blondies, strawberry, hot fudge and huckleberry sauces, huckleberry white chocolate bark, chopped nuts and a jumbo chocolate dipped strawberry on top. Every bite was different and unique to the last. Their peanut butter cup “gooey” was calling my name but life is about compromise.. so now we have to come back for more. They have a dirt & worms dessert that kids go crazy for, too. The food was fantastic, but the dessert is such a spectacle (not to mention incredibly filling). I think next time we will come to Dockside just for a gooey. We could only take a couple bites before we were full so it is definitely enough for a big group to share. You can’t quite tell… but this gooey is gigantic. Let’s just say we waddled out of there and will be hiking all day tomorrow to work it off.

If you’re living in Spokane and you are looking for an excuse to hop over to Coeur D’Alene… Use these Gooey’s and I promise you, no one will be disappointed.


Dockside Restaurant (115 S 2nd St, Coeur d’Alene, ID //208.765.4000)